Four proposals for the Syrian opposition

Four proposals for the Syrian opposition #johnbarrymiller

The Russian side has designated areas for upcoming talks in Astana.

According to “Izvestia“, Russia is on the eve of the fourth round of talks on Syria in Astana prepared and sent to representatives of the armed opposition to the package of proposals of the four points that should contribute to resolving the crisis in the country. However, as noted in the Federation Council, even if the opponents of the regime in Damascus will refuse to come to the Kazakh capital, the meeting, scheduled for early may, will still take place. According to experts, the negotiation process would be seriously hampered due to the recent us missile strikes on Syrian air base.

That Russia has sent representatives of the armed Syrian opposition a package of four proposals, “Izvestia” said a source close to the preparation of the negotiations in Astana. The implementation plan should become a logical continuation of the cease-fire, announced in late 2016. In particular, the document refers to the parameters of the formation of the Commission, which will develop the Syrian Constitution, the management issues in areas where abandoned fighting, will also be formulated in terms of the exchange of prisoners and mine clearing of territories.

The presence of sentences “news” confirmed the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich.

— The implementation of these four items could actually promote the peace process in Syria. But the puppeteers, who are behind the armed opposition, it is not necessary. Their goals are completely the opposite, — said the Senator. According to him, in Russia consider the possibility of absence at the upcoming round of talks between representatives of the armed groups. But this is not a reason to cancel or postpone the dialogue.

The talks in Astana will continue, but there likely will not be representatives of the armed opposition. In addition, it seems to me that Turkey stood in the footsteps of American politics and in light of the prospects for the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad it is not so afraid of the possibility of deterioration of relations with Russia, — said Franz Klintsevich.

It is assumed that the next, fourth, round of talks will be held in Astana in early may. The previous meeting was held on March 14-15. It was attended by delegations of the countries — guarantors of a ceasefire in Syria (Russia, Turkey and Iran), as well as representatives of the UN, the US, Syria and Jordan. The dialogue was boycotted by the armed opposition, which explained their actions by the fact that the government forces allegedly constantly violated the cease-fire.

As for the upcoming round, then, according to the inter-Arab newspaper “al-Sharq al-Awsat,” the opponents of the Syrian authorities have not yet decided on their participation. They are willing to work on issues of prisoner exchanges and clearing areas, but fundamentally reject the discussion of the two other Russian proposals.

The continuation of a dialogue questioning the missile attacks that the United States on 7 April attacked Syrian airport shirt. They led to the escalation on the battlefield: armed hostilities between government troops and opposition groups are in the provinces of Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, and several others. The actions of the US had foreign policy implications.

According to the orientalist, President of the Institute of religion and policy Alexander Ignatenko, United States their actions have caused irreparable damage to the negotiation process in Astana.

— At this site formed the preconditions for a peaceful settlement of the conflict. But once again the armed opposition refuses to participate in it. If it ultimately will come out of this format, it is not clear how in such conditions it will be possible to continue the process of negotiations, — said the expert.

The talks in Astana were organized specially for the representatives of Damascus and the armed opposition have found a common language. While the doors for dialogue remain open. If they are closed, you will suffer from it in the first place the representatives of the armed groups.

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