Stephen Hawking: Mankind will not be able to live another 1000 years

Stephen Hawking: Mankind will not be able to live 1000 yearsStephen Hawking has said that people cannot live on Earth for a thousand years. A physicist I am sure that humanity must “go beyond our fragile planet”.

The famous theoretical physicist believes that life on Earth is at ever increasing risk of being destroyed by a natural disaster, a sudden nuclear war, a genetically modified virus or the growing threat of artificial intelligence.

“I think that the human race has no future if he will not go to space”, — quotes Hawking Daily Mail. In a speech at Oxford University, he urged people to take a greater interest in space travel for the future of humanity.

Recall that such thoughts scientist expresses for the first time. In 2006, he spoke out on the need of finding new, unearthly home for humans. “Our only chance of long term survival is not to remain lurking on the Ground, and spread out in space,” says Hawking. He also firmly believes that in many parts of the Universe there is a biological life, but warns against contact with her. “Most likely, conscious aliens will be present for a person a high risk. The land can be conquered and looted. Remember what happened when in America, sailed by the conquistadors. I do not think that humanity will have better luck than the Indians,” said the British scientist.

Note, according to Australian experts, after 300 years, more than 40 percent of the land will be under water. But with the remaining piece of Land will do no good — it will quickly use up the available resources becoming unfit for human life. Scientists estimate that after three hundred years the average temperature will rise by 12 degrees, which will have a devastating impact on people. Therefore, it may be, we do not have 1000 years mentioned by Hawking.

Stephen Hawking is a famous scientist who is in the top ten geniuses of our time. His fate is striking and admirable. At 21, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a terrible disease of the Central nervous system. Usually people with such diagnosis not live 10 years, but Hawking is successfully fighting the disease for half a century. Physicist in the last years confined to a wheelchair. He communicates with people via a computer that converts his thoughts in a monotone speech. But the consciousness of the scientist is in order. In April 1988 he published the book “a brief history of time”, which became a bestseller, and then wrote a number of books about the Universe. And his work has not gone unnoticed, in 2009, President Barack Obama handed the scientist the Presidential Medal of Freedom — the highest state award of the USA for civilians.

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