Delta Sends Puppy to the Wrong Destination

Delta sends puppy to the wrong destinationThe two-month-old puppy named Ren spent two days in a plane and even managed to spend the night in a strange city while the host Josh Schlaich was looking for his pet. An unplanned journey was sent by the Delta Airlines.

Rena’s adventures began on Saturday. Departing from Richmond in Boise, Schleich decided to use Delta Cargo to transport the puppy. That same evening, the master had to pick him up at the destination, but there he tried to give him another dog.

Attempts by a man to seek a lost four-legged friend succeeded only the next day, when he finally managed to find out where Ren was. It turned out that due to the carrier’s mistake the animal spent the night in the Detroit nursery, in the morning went to Las Vegas, and from there to Salt Lake City.

Only on Sunday evening, Ren finally met with the host. Fortunately, the sailing passenger has safely carried several flights, but Schlaich is indignant at the delusion of Delta Airlines.

Note that the airline offers its customers two ways of transporting animals. Small dogs, cats and birds can travel in the cabin of aircraft in special containers. In this case, you need to pay $ 125 for them. The budget option is Delta Cargo, but in this case the carrier does not guarantee that the pet will fly in the same plane with you.

Recall that at the beginning of the week United Airlines mistakenly sent a German shepherd to Japan instead of Kansas. After the incident, the airline said it would no longer transport animals to the cargo compartment.

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Image credit: JACLOU-DL

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