The Long Lasting Effects of Negative Information

The Positive and Negative Effects of InformationThroughout life, humankind has been exposed to information. Recently, this large-scale information cloud more and more envelops the subconscious of people. It is in the subconscious as a magnetic tape that the whole stream of information is recorded, which is subsequently reflected in our actions and actions.

If you understand, most of the incoming material has negative energy. No one thinks about it, but it’s only worth paying attention. Where does this negative come from? Having woken up in the morning, the man went to work in a good mood, and while he got there, on the way received a negative charge. Negative can act, from anywhere: from the space surrounding the person; from the media, and the latter are the key sources.

The most common media are television and the Internet. On any channel, most programs with negative: swearing, quarrels, theft, violence, alcohol, mysticism, etc. And many spend a lot of time watching channels, and some do not turn off at all. All this information is reflected in the person. First, the effect of this negative information is not noticeable. But then it may be too late. How many confirmed statistics that a person living in a society, sooner or later behaves the same way as society as a whole. The media, just like society, affects a person.

An adult is less prone to such negative pressure. But “water grinds the stone,” so people become more embittered, cruel and indifferent to the grief of others. Under the influence of stress, irritation, dissatisfaction with life, a person falls into depression. And coming home angry, splashes all the evil on his relatives. At the time of viewing the programs, the human psyche falls into inhibition. It is at this moment that the maximum suggestion occurs.

Anyone who watches a TV constantly is more emotional: strongly experiencing joy, fear, anger. His nervous system is more excitable. Being in irritation at work, the nervous system is nervous, and when you watch TV, the nerve cells calm down. Thus, a person becomes a receiver of information coming from the screen. Unconsciously, he passes control of his consciousness to the blue screen. He rests for murder, violence is vulgar. Accordingly, and reproduces then what is recorded in the cortex of the subconscious.

The Internet is not spiritual. A lot of any advertising is also forensic orientation. It is worth paying attention to the games offered by social networks, to which children, teenagers, and adults have sat down, not all of them are harmless. The Internet generates a sense of permissiveness. Erases all canons courtesy. There is more negative information on the Internet than on television. There it is somehow regulated, but there is enough here. Clubs, and not gardeners, but with a terrorist orientation, suicides, etc. And all this can not positively affect the human psyche.

The worst thing is that all this is subject to unformed children and adolescents. How many minors “disappear” in online games. They tighten and ruthlessly affect the subconscious and behavior of people. How many cases have been, when played enough in “shooters”, teenagers killed living people. After such an impact, one can not do without the help of a psychologist. The exception is working on the Internet.

To feel comfortable and cheerfully co-exist with the outside world, you need to charge your body with positive information. Positive flows are necessary to the body, like the sun’s rays. Only with them is the growth and development of the individual. It is necessary to raise the cultural level of a person.

The mechanism of accumulating spirituality and self-realization is not at all difficult to launch. First, when you come home from work, open the book instead of the TV. Reading, now so diverse, it can completely replace television. But from the extreme to the extreme, too, it is not worth moving on. The most important thing is to learn how to filter the information received.

To harmonize the work of your body, you need to get rid of accumulated negative information. All resentments, anger, depression, living in a person, destroy it from the inside. First of all, everything begins with forgiveness. It is necessary to forgive all of their offenders. Just say to myself: “I forgive you.” Surprisingly, after several such manipulations, anger and resentment go by themselves. Life becomes easier, as if a backpack with bricks fell. So a person can decide for himself what information he will and wants to receive. What will give preference: bad information or positive.

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