Preventing a Hangover from Wine

Preventing a Hangover from WineYou inevitably tend to get up with a headache in the morning that follows after you quaffed off several glasses of wine the night before. You simply can’t help wondering why the headaches keep coming back every time you indulge in a round or two of aperitifs. Some believe that sulfates in the wine are to blame for the nagging headaches while others point an accusing finger at histamines (found in red wines) that many people have a problem metabolizing. However, few studies or trials have come up with findings that hold ‘tyramine’ (occurring naturally in wine) responsible for headaches.

One effective way to prevent the splitting headache from spoiling your morning is to gulp down an antihistamine tablet or pill (the variant that doesn’t make you feel drowsy or soporific) before you start drinking. Switching over to white wine from red is another tried-and-tested means of keeping the headaches at bay. A compound known as tannin thriving in the seeds and skin of grapes has the tendency of triggering the secretion of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that is responsible for causing depression and headaches. White wine is brewed from grapes whose skins have been peeled and deseeded. In case you find red wine too irresistible, you can opt for the lighter variety that has low tannin content, like Pinot Noir.

Besides the aforementioned alternatives, you can also consider restricting your pegs if you’re drinking after an exhausting day at office. Drinking following a stressful day at office can give you a nagging headache as well. Obviously, abstaining completely would be the best remedy but that’d be tantamount to punishing yourself, especially during the festive season. Since alcohol causes dehydration, make sure that you drink sufficient water before and after drinking and also while you’re at it.

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