How Music Can Benefit Women

How Music Can Benefit WomenAs the great Bob Marley said “When music gets into you, you feel no pain”. Many women throughout life and yourself time to come to this conclusion: music heals, encourages and gives strength!

1. Music during exercise promotes weight loss

Love listening to music while Jogging or at the gym? Doing the right thing! A study conducted at Brunel University in 2009 offered the participants first to run on the treadmill to music, then in silence. It turned out that during music listening, participants ran on average longer and showed increased performance and better rates of speed without even realizing. In another study, women engaged in sports to the music dropped for a set period of on average 8 kg and 4% body fat, don’t listen to music – only half of these indicators.

2. Music enhances women’s immunity

Coming flu season? Listen to more cheerful music! It proves many numerical studies that showed the clear link between listening to cheerful music and increased levels of interleukin – indicator of immunity.

In some cases, scientists say, gives better results than prescription drugs! Especially true is this statement for people suffering from postoperative stress. This year new studies have found a positive effect of music on cancer patients. Patients, singing an hour a day, showed higher levels of cytokines, leading to a strengthening of the immune system.

3. Music relieves muscle pain

If you suffer from arthritis or other chronic pain, and regularly drink painkillers, you might want to replace iPod touch.

In 2013, scientists studied a group of participants who suffered from chronic arthritis. The first half was to listen to music for 20 minutes a day, the second group received 20 minutes of silence. The first group celebrated the relief of muscle pain both in the first and seventh and fourteenth days of the experiment, which shows: “musical cure” does not lose efficiency! The same was noted and patients suffering from fibromyalgia. The ability to reduce the dose of painkillers, replacing at least part of their music is fantastic news for patients!

4. Music relieves stress

We live in a world of stress. Women have to juggle their own families, work, parents, and household chores. One of the assistants against high stress can be music.

A study in 2011 showed relief of anxiety in cancer patients through music. The reason for this positive influence scientists see in the ability of music to lower the levels of the hormone cortisol. Music with a rhythm of 60 beats per minute is able to synchronize with the brain and put it into a meditative state. This is confirmed by Stanford scientists are calling music is often no less effective means to change the brain than medication.

5. Music helps to cope with insomnia

Can’t sleep? It’s time to make music in your bedroom.

In 2015, scientists have found that music helps adults suffering from insomnia to fall asleep and sleep longer. 45 minutes listening to music before bed improves the quality prodlivat period of REM sleep, it is extremely important for the normal functioning and mental health.

How to add music in everyday life

To get all these bonuses, listen to your favorite music as often as possible. For example:

Listen to the cheerful music during workouts. The more you like it, the harder you will train!

Listen to soothing music to relieve stress, anxiety and pain.

Listen to music with a rhythm of 60 beats per minute, to make it easier to enter a state of meditation.

Listen to music, working on you relaxing 15-45 minutes before bedtime.

Bring your favorite songs to your doctor or dentist.

Start each morning with your favorite tunes.

If in the middle of the day will feel too much stress, turn on music, and don’t take pills or unhealthy snacking.

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