Fatigue: when to see the doctor?

Fatigue: when to see the doctor?In the rapid pace of our lives it is easy to lose sight of fatigue. But if you sleep a full 7-8 hours a night and still feel lethargy — the body is signaling that something is wrong.

Best advice: look closely at your symptoms to after to describe them to the doctor. If more fatigue is characterized by weakness, perhaps the problem is found in the thyroid gland, which regulates energy level. Too much or not enough active thyroid can bring you down. A blood test will help to identify the cause, the doctor will choose the necessary drugs to address it.

However, the General condition of sleepiness or “fog” in the daytime more often associated with stress and prolonged infection. Your doctor may refer you for a sleep study to rule out the possibility of sleep apnea, causing a brief cessation of breathing during sleep. This disorder can interfere with your rest, even if you do not notice anything suspicious. To prevent apnea, the doctor will prescribe you a special mouthpiece or breathing apparatus to enable you to fully relax during the night.

If in addition to fatigue you more and hard to breathe, it can be a symptom of improper functioning of the heart, for example, cardiomyopathy (pathological change in the structure of the heart muscle). Treatments vary from diet changes to surgical operations to remove tissue or implantation of a heart stimulator.

And finally: if symptoms joins apathy, increases the likelihood that you are in a state of depression or sorrow. Fortunately, in most cases to find and eliminate the cause of constant fatigue is quite simple.

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