Lifestyle Changes for Heart Attack Prevention

For the prevention of stroke and heart attack, it is important to adhere to the following rules. They are simple, and if you want to stay healthy, you will be able to properly rebuild your lifestyle.

Revise the diet

For the prevention of stroke and heart attack is to reduce fat intake, replacing them with vegetable. Use olive oil.

Lifestyle Changes for Heart Attack Prevention

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Instead of meat it is desirable to choose a fat marine fish. It is rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are necessary for our body.

Limit salt intake. Several years ago, the following experiment was carried out: during the month, people with high levels of pressure practically did not consume salt. As a result, at the end of the study, it was noted that their condition improved, they stopped complaining about the manifestation of hypertension.

Eat fruits and vegetables, they excrete cholesterol.

Be able to relax

We experience stress almost everywhere. Transport, work, personal life … there are situations when it goes off scale. It is stress that triggers destructive processes in the body and literally kills our heart and affects the work of the brain. For the prevention of stroke and heart attack, learn to remain calm.

Be able to relax

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Whatever the situation is serious in terms of emotions, try to abstract and look at it from the side.
Think about it, but will it be important to you in a year or two? Is it worth it to waste energy and energy on something that you can not change or do not have the power to influence?

Many of us spend most of our time working. But for the sake of health, there is time for a hobby. This will help reboot and find new strengths.

Fitness at home

If you do not have time to go to the gym, do fitness at home.

Choose a lesson to your liking – it can be a usual morning exercise, jogging or practicing pilates, yoga, callanetics. And be sure to walk! Walking is an excellent means of preventing stroke and heart attack.

Walking improves resistance to stress

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Walking improves resistance to stress, relaxes and serves as a remedy for depression. This improves the quality and duration of sleep.
There are no contraindications to walking. But you have to be sure of your health.

It is useful to walk in the mountains. With such walking, different muscle groups are involved.

During walking, you must adhere to a mixed type of breathing. Rapid heartbeat and breathing, and sweat coming out – a normal reaction of the body to the load when walking. If you want, you can go for easy running.

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