4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Brain Power

Neuroscientists Lawrence Katz and Menning Rubin have developed special exercises that help develop brain cells and, thus, become smarter.

Scientists in 1998 found that the reduction of mental abilities occurs due to loss of plasticity of brain cells. And this process, in turn, is due to the fact that the brain does not learn anything new, being bogged down in routine tasks.

To increase mental ability and not let the mind grow old, scientists suggest doing the following things.

Do regular home rearrangements

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Do regular home rearrangements

Any changes around you are good for your brain, because in this way he learns something new. Therefore, scientists are advised to change the furniture arrangement every six months.

It would seem that nothing is complicated, but for the brain will be training.

Learn to write backwards

Doing something unusual is the best training for your brain. One such exercise is writing backwards with text.

Does this idea seem delusional to you? But in vain. During such exercises, the brain works fine.

Memorize emotions

It is very important for the brain that you experience pleasant emotions. It is much more important to remember what you felt at those or other moments of your life than what was happening.

Therefore, learn to remember feelings and feelings. For example, if you practice yoga in the evenings, light scented candles and pay attention to what you feel.

Draw pictures

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Draw pictures

Drawing is an excellent brain training, because at first you imagine a future picture in your head, and only then you transfer it to the canvas.

If you do not like drawing, then leave only the first point – draw pictures in the imagination.

Scientists are sure that if you train your brain every day and give it the opportunity to learn something new, and not just “swim” in the usual channel, then it will never grow old.

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