The Worst Christmas Gifts You Can Give Someone

Christmas is inseparably associated with gifts. But to choose a good gift is a real art. Very often people either treat this ritual too lightly, or, on the contrary, try too hard, and as a result, nothing good comes of their excessive enthusiasm.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of materials containing lists of the best gifts, however, almost no one says that you should not give. It would seem that this should be an obvious thing – the gift is bad, which the donor would not want to receive himself. And yet, time after time, people are stepping on the same rake, when instead of positive emotions and gratitude present gives a bitter feeling of disappointment.

To save you from such a situation, we have prepared for you a small list of things that it is definitely better not to give to anyone with whom you plan to save a warm relationship.



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In the socks there is nothing wrong. People use them every day, this is an extremely practical thing that will never be superfluous in any closet. The problem is that this is a completely non-holiday garment, and it’s unlikely that someone will be pleased with them. The exception is warm knitted socks with deer or other Christmas pattern, which are nice to see and equally nice to wear on cool winter evenings.

Notebooks, notebooks and diaries

notebooks and diaries

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Currently, more and more people are switching to electronic records, access to which can be easily served through a smartphone. So the good old notebooks are no longer a universal gift for all occasions. Again, in the case of a diary, you can simply not guess with the planning system or the line convenient for the person to whom the gift is intended, and then it will simply dust off somewhere on the shelf forever, without bringing a drop of pleasure. But, if you know for sure that your friend, friend or close friend really wants some sort of collection notebook from a limited collection, even Santa Claus himself will not dissuade you from such a purchase.


Chocolate sweets – an excellent gift that you can give to anyone, regardless of age, sex, status and other conventions that determine the appropriateness of the gift. There is one but. In the festive season, chocolate is presented by everyone. And given that during this time many shops arrange sales or offer discounts on sweets, you may well face the fact that your gift will not be the only box of chocolates.

Flavored candles

Flavored candles

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This gift is too simple and too predictable. His choice requires minimal time and money, but, at the same time, the one to whom you give it, can assume that you, in fact, do not care what presentation to present. In addition, you can simply not guess with the smell, because the taste is an individual matter.


Scales Christmas Gifts

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There are two cases where you can give a man a scales for Christmas. The first is if you are a million percent sure that he (or she) has long wanted to get them. And the second  if you want someone to upset or offend someone. In all other cases, you can not give scales.


Here the same argument applies as in the previous case. At a time when life beats the key, only a few units use paper calendars, preferring their calendar to the phone.


This item you will surely find in the top ten lists of the best gifts. And we do not argue with this. However, it is worthwhile to understand that jewelry is quite expensive, and, for example, for a colleague whom you hardly know, it can be extremely inappropriate. So here it is better to think a hundred times.

Gifted gifts

No matter how much you liked the gift that was once given to you, do not take it into your head. It’s ugly, rude and very offensive, especially if someone finds out your little secret. Just imagine that you yourself receive a gift that was presented to someone last year. It’s unpleasant, is not it?

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