Prolonged sleep is dangerous to health

Experts argue that prolonged sleep reduces brain activity and contributes to obesity.
Scientists have reported several reasons that make a long sleep dangerous to health, reports Huffington Post.

Long sleep is harmful

The main factors of negative impact, according to experts, look like this:
1. Prolonged sleep increases the likelihood of developing a person’s diabetes.
2. With excessive sleep, brain activity is impaired.
3. Lovers of sleep will put themselves at risk of developing depression.
4. Recent studies have shown that prolonged sleep contributes to the formation of extra pounds. And, the longer a person sleeps, the more likely that he will start gaining weight.
5. Fans of prolonged sleep put themselves at risk of premature death.
6. Prolonged sleep contributes to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.
7. Among women who sleep between 9 and 11 hours a day, pregnancy rates decrease. At the same time, women who spend 7-8 hours on sleep, show the highest rate.

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