8 Tips for Gym Newbies

Fitness Tips: Ultimate Newbie GuideGoing to gym, keep in mind a few simple rules.

1. In the gym the makeup is inappropriate. The same rule applies to perfumes. Otherwise, the people around will shy away from you and your leaking cosmetics, from the mixture of the smell of sweat and perfume. It seems that this has been said about hundreds of times, but with the next campaign in the hall, you will certainly find someone who has neglected such a recommendation.

2. If you need to talk with a friend – do it quietly. And do not forget that under the law of meanness, that fat aunt, whom you are discussing, is just behind you.

3. If you are engaged in a player, do not sing along – the people around will not appreciate your vocal.

4. The choice of clothes for training should be treated responsibly. It is better to give up tight clothes for a smaller size, so as not to attract undue attention and not to be distracted by yourself. The same applies to the abundance of decorative details – lightning, rivets, laces – otherwise you will constantly turn to the mirror to check whether everything is in order with the form. Another important rule regarding clothing: do not perform the exercises on the simulator on the inside and outside of the thigh in loose shorts.

5. Take a simulator or projectile and work with it until you finish your program. Otherwise, it may turn out that you will leave the simulator, and on returning you will find that he is already busy with someone.

6. Do not stand in front of a person doing exercises with a mirror. Before the mirror are engaged in order to observe the correct technique. If at this time someone is distracting, you can get injured.

7. If you noticed that your friend or just an unfamiliar person does the exercise incorrectly, you should not shout about it through the whole hall.

8. Most people come to the gym to attend. Even if you like someone, try to do without appeals and unequivocal compliments. It is better to get acquainted in a different situation – at least after classes, for example, in the fitness center lounge.

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