Fitness: The Beginner’s Guide to Exercise

When you first come to the gymIf you finally decided to tackle yourself, do not delay the implementation of this decision.

When you first come to the gym, of course, the main question that arises in your head: “What to do?”.
Of course, ideally, you need to take a personal trainer, so that he can help you figure it out. However, if you do not have a coach, do not worry. Here you will find a training program for the beginner.

Important: train on this program for 2-3 months

Program for a beginner in the gym: what to look for

This program involves training the entire body, without dividing into muscle groups. It will help you get used to the stresses, strengthen the process of losing weight, and also make the body more elastic.

To do it you need 3 times a week, with an interval of 1 day. Remember that giving the body rest is very important, because the muscles must be restored. Otherwise, the result from training will not be.

As for weight, first put the minimum weight to understand whether you are comfortable or not. A beginner is best, at first, not to experiment with weight. After all, your task is to enter the training mode and, at the same time, not to plunge the body into a shock state.

Important: during training, do not forget to drink water.

Your program, for the first 2-3 months will look like this:

  • Warm-up (15 minutes on any cardio);
  • Thrust of the upper block to the chest – 3 sets of 10 repetitions;
  • Thrust of the block to the belt sitting – 3 sets of 10 repetitions;
  • Hyperextension – 3 approaches 15 times;
  • Flexion of the legs sitting – 3 sets of 15 times;
  • Bending leg lying down – 3 sets of 15 times;
  • Dumbbell press sitting – 3 sets of 10 times (start with a weight of 6,6 lbs);
  • Lifting dumbbells to the biceps standing – 3 sets of 10 times;
  • Press on the fitball – 3 sets of 15-20 times.

The break between exercises should be 2 minutes. It is also very important to follow the breath: at the time of greatest effort, do it.

It is important: to exercise in the gym gave a result and do not damage your health, you must follow the technique of exercises. Before you go to work, be sure to look at Youtube, how to properly perform each exercise.

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