3 Most Effective Diets Plans For Weight Loss

3 Most Effective Diets Plans For Weight Loss

Miracle diets do not exist, and trying to lose weight in this way can be detrimental to your health. They usually have the opposite effect on most people.

Slimming diets that really work

For a healthy and effective diet, you need to forget about starvation, sacrifices, constant calorie counting, low-fat foods, etc. You also need to dispel the myth that you can see amazing results in just a few days.

Slimming diets that really work are progressive, that is, they promote weight loss gradually, as a result of which you feel more energetic, your health and mood improve. You will also lose weight more proportionately.

The secret of these three diets for weight loss is your daily diet. Be patient and persistent, and they will help you achieve the ideal weight and keep it without giving up your favorite foods.

1. Low carb diet

Many nutritionists recommend low-carb diets because they are a source of energy that is converted to fat if not used by the body. Also, today we eat too many refined and low-quality carbohydrates.

This diet completely excludes white flour and products made from it (bread, pasta, cookies, etc.). You should also avoid whole grains because too often they are made using white flour and bran, which contributes to weight gain.

However, you can consume a small amount of certain whole grain foods:

  • rice;
  • oat;
  • millet.

You can eat small portions of these foods for breakfast and lunch, but never for dinner.

In turn, surprisingly, it is necessary to increase the consumption of proteins and fats. Always choose natural raw high-quality products that are easily digested.

To get protein try:

  • white meat;
  • fish;
  • cheese;
  • eggs;
  • vegetables;
  • nuts and seeds.

As for fats, you can add:

  • vegetable oils, in particular, olive, flaxseed, coconut, sesame, or wheat germ oil;
  • nuts and seeds.

2. Diet with the right dinner

This diet provides a balanced diet throughout the day but pays special attention to dinner because the last meal is one of the main causes of overweight.

During the day, you should eat moderately, do not abuse specific foods or meals, and have a little snack between them.

Try to follow these recommendations:

  1. Always have dinner until 8 p.m. If you feel hungry later, try drinking tea or eating an apple before bed.
  2. Your dinner should consist of vegetable dishes (salad, fried vegetables, soup) and a light portion of protein (fish, lean meat, or eggs), grilled or baked. For dessert, try baked apples or pears.

If you follow this simple scheme, you will soon notice that you lose weight gradually, because during the night the body eliminates more toxins. This feature does not work properly if you digest food at night because you have eaten too much for dinner.

3. Diet with portion control

The latter diet is based on the simple fact that when you eat too much, you gain weight. You can still enjoy your favorite treats in moderation and at the right time of day.

In most cases, this diet is difficult for people who eat impulsively or at will. However, it is very suitable for those who can control the amount of food they eat.

You can try up to five meals a day, but it is very important never to overeat. Stop eating when you feel full and give up dessert.

One way to avoid the urge to overeat is to drink herbal tea, which will bring a feeling of satiety.

It is important to understand that food is a way to fight hunger. When you chew your food well, you will learn that your body does not really need large amounts of food, and you will be better able to digest and absorb nutrients.

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