Easy Stretches For Back Pain & Neck & Shoulder

Easy Stretches For Back Pain & Neck & ShoulderA condition where the back and neck hurt is familiar to virtually all office workers who have a sedentary lifestyle. But apart from temporary problems, uninterrupted sitting can also cause more serious illnesses. Therefore it is necessary to do at least a small charge regularly.

Office Charging – Stretching

Perhaps the simplest, but at the same time, not less effective stretching exercise, which is known to many as a “castle”. To do this, join your hands behind your back in the lock, and squeeze your elbows. After that, close your palms and stretch your arms as high as possible, while trying to straighten your back as much as possible. If during a working day, you will periodically do some such exercises, then you can relax your back, stretch your shoulder joints.

Exercises for the back

If you feel that your back is very tired, then you must take time to relax. To do an exercise, you need to get up, put your feet on the shoulder width, lower your arms. Then relax your neck so that it gets hung up. Now do this: lean forward so that your hands touch the legs, and the upper part of the body remains as relaxed as possible. Then slowly return to the original position. Exercise repeat 8-10 times.

Exercise for the neck

While working in the office, it is necessary to crush his neck to relax her muscles, thereby preventing headaches. A big plus is that exercises for the neck can be performed both standing and sitting. There is nothing complicated: first, 10 times, raise your head up, and then slope down, and then turn 10 times alternately to the right and then to the left shoulder.

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