Puppy Teeth: Everything You Need to Know

Puppy Teeth: Everything You Need to KnowPuppy dairy teeth change to about 6 to 7 months. Teeth of puppies need to be inspected every week, in order to as soon as possible detect a change in their color: yellow teeth often formed in dogs that do not like to chew and chew.
Dogs usually allow their masters to brush their teeth, although there is often no need for this: with proper nutrition, feeding roughage (cartilage, bones, etc.), teeth are cleaned themselves.

If you find yellow teeth on your teeth, try to remove it, it is often a cause of bad breath. To do this, screw the cotton swab onto the stick, and then moisten with water, dip it into a regular tooth powder, then wipe your teeth. So you will be able to take off yet hardened plaque. To combat a tougher stomach, we recommend that you regularly add fresh tomato juice to your feed: while the dental stone decreases, it becomes fragile and easy to remove. You can try to get rid of a tooth stone by rubbing your teeth with a crunch of lemon.

cleaning teeth

Warning! Often, when cleaning teeth, the enamel is damaged, after which the teeth in the dogs will begin to collapse. Therefore, it is better not to overdo it, try to gently clean, and not succeed – to seek help from a good specialist.

Some breeds often have troubles with teeth (for example, in dwarf puddings). They often form dental stones, caries and periodontal disease.

It happens that during the change of teeth, the milk tooth is delayed in the gums, while the constant is already cut out. Be sure to remove the milk tooth; he can not fall himself, then two on the spot of one tooth will stick out. Or the old tooth will be delayed by the time, but it will be pushed out by the new one, but at the same time the new one will grow up curvature. Both have questioned the participation of dogs in exhibitions.

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