Vladimir Putin says Trump is inclined to a straightened out US-Russia relationship

All through the elections, the relationship between Putin and Trump was a much debated topic. Last Wednesday, Vladimir Putin was heard quoting that the Russian US relationship had been largely degraded over the years. He also mentioned that he had already spoken to Donald Trump and both their opinions coincided. He said, both were of the opinion that the relationship needs to be straightened out.

Everything happened at a speech which was given during a foreign policy conference in Moscow. Putin clarified about the telephonic correspondence which he had with Trump about the unsatisfactory state of relationship among both the countries. He also quoted that the country along with him was all prepared to go down the road and do their bit to ensure that the relationships were straightened out.

He believed that in the last few years there has been a series of developments that have eventually led to degraded relationship between the two nations. He added that it was not the fault on their part either. The speech also included mention about the uproar at the US election campaigns and the arrival of the new president at the White House.

Putin also said that he was quite hopeful that the future will see better days for smooth relationship among the two nations. It would not only be good for both the countries and its people but would facilitate an environment of international stability and security.

An in-depth scrutiny in regards to the relationship between the two tall leaders had been going on all-throughout the US elections. There had also been reports about US intelligence officials accusing Russia of meddling during the presidential elections through hacking of the Democratic National Committee or the episode of emails of Clinton campaign officials being released.

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