6 Ways to Get Motivated for a Morning Workout

6 Ways to Get Motivated for a Morning Workout If the morning getting out of bed is a torment and you do not even want to hear about the exercises, I have some advice for you that I hope will allow you to fight laziness. It is obvious that rest and good sleep are an important part of everyday functioning, but physical activity, especially those initiated in the morning, positively affect the rest of the day, revive the body, refresh the mind and give a free injection of endorphins! I have not once wondered how to successfully cheat an organism that could not wake up from an all-night rest. By way of trial and error, I found several ways that I hope and bring you positive results.

1. Wake up without a moment for a nap!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who makes me feel dizzy from taking a nap on the phone for five minutes … and another five minutes or even … another five minutes. After these fifteen minutes you usually come to the conclusion that it is already so late that it is not profitable to get up for the morning run. Fortunately, it is a simple and banal way – if you plan a morning workout at 7:15, it is enough that you set the alarm at 7:00. It’s the perfect time to wash your face, teeth, drink a glass of warm water with lemon (optional honey) and a snack of something really small. Then you just have to jump into a sports outfit and leave the house. From the autopsy I can say that the best way for me to get up quickly – without unnecessary lingering, dragging and turning from side to side.

2. Prepare yourself the day before!

How to maximally save time between getting out of bed and leaving the house? An effective and easy way that I have been using for years is simply to prepare all the things the day before. So on the bedside table or chair next to the bed lands a complete sports set, home keys, telephone and headphones and shoes. They will be the first to focus your eyes on waking up – just get dressed and get out. There is also a more hardcore method that can even arouse remorse. It involves nothing more than sleeping in an exercise outfit, just a sports bra and gym shorts. Just think how you feel about giving up in the morning and taking off your clean clothes if you skip the morning workout.

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3. Remember water!

Although studies published by the British Journal of Nutrition indicate that during fasting exercises we burn about 20% of body fat, we can not forget about the already mentioned morning glass of water. A bit of lemon and optional honey will add energy and refresh the body. A good way is to prepare it in the evening and put it on the bedside table next to the bed – then, after waking it is enough to grab it in your hand and drink it before you put on your slippers. If you are worried about the enamel, simply use a simple drinking straw, thanks to which the contents of the glass will go straight to the throat.

4. Measure forces for intentions!

It is important that the morning routine is pleasant, and not in a short time turned into an unpleasant duty. If you plan too long or for frequent morning training, there is a 100% chance that you will not stick to it reliably. Instead (and disappointments) it is worth to plan the activity earlier – for example two or three times a week, and in other days reward with a longer nap or an extra cup of morning coffee or tea. Such a system allows you to stay in check, and it is thanks to him that it is easier and easier to get out of bed on training days.

5. Short morning training better than its lack!

Do you want to speed up your metabolism and give yourself a portion of good energy for the rest of the day? The fifteen-minute morning run will allow you to refresh not only the muscles found after an all-night sleep, but also stimulate the mind to intensified work. Any physical activity is better than lying in bed. With time, you may find that you will extend your morning workout to 30 or even 45 minutes and you will not imagine a day without even a short cardio or a walk around the housing estate!

6. The closer, the better!

It is clear that the greater the distance to the place of exercise like a swimming pool or gym, the more willingness for regular morning training is smaller. I know from experience that the nearby park and city streets will be perfect for short aerobic and interval exercises. Do not let me convince you that in the morning you need specific group exercises, professional sports equipment or your own pool track. Good intentions, comfortable sports outfits and a bit of self-denial are enough.

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