Aqua Aerobics: The Benefits of Water Workouts

Aqua Aerobics: The Benefits of Water WorkoutsAqua aerobics (water aerobics) is one of the types of gymnastics. Water makes exercises easier, this is due to the fact that the water increases buoyancy. The great advantage of these exercises is also that they minimize the risk of injury.

All this makes water aerobics an ideal solution for people who are overweight and have injuries to their motor organs. Aqua aerobics is also an excellent alternative for all those who do not like the traditional form of exercise.

Types of exercises
While training in the leader, you can do different types of exercises. The most popular are, among others:

  • typical aqua aerobics – these are exercises to the rhythm of music, very similar
  • to those performed during classic aerobics,
  • step aerobics – these are exercises on the steppe, only that performed on a platform placed on the bottom of the pool,
  • running or marching in water – these are simple exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems,
  • cardio exercises – this type of exercise is done in shallow water,
  • exercises with so-called “noodles” (noodle workout) – the use of “pasta”, or displacement foams, allows you to do a lot of exercise. You can sit on them or push them. This type of exercise is perfect for strength training and rehabilitation.

Exercises in groups
Gymnastics in the water is also performed to the rhythm of dynamic music. The pool exercises more pleasant. You can also feel much more freely than in the gym.

During water aerobics, special instruments are used to vary the training and make it more safe and comfortable. Usually, displacement foams, helpful special gloves and special dumbbells for aqua aerobics are used.

Advantages of water aerobics
Exercises in the pool have a very good effect on the circulatory system. The water during the gymnastics is touching the body, it is a massage improving the metabolism. Thanks to it, while practicing, we get rid of toxins more effectively and we burn fat tissue. In addition, it is much easier to relax and relax in the water. Other advantages of water aerobics include:

  • visible reduction of cellulite,
  • improvement of well-being,
  • modeling the figure,
  • reducing the amount of fat,
  • improving the range of joint mobility,
  • relieving the spine.
  • muscle strengthening.

The popularity of aqua aerobics is getting bigger every year. It enjoys great popularity especially among women. This is one of the best ways to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, model the body and improve physical form. This type of activity is recommended for people who are overweight, have problems with the spine and osteoporosis. To practice in the pool, you do not have to be able to swim because all the time you are under the care of a professional instructor.

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