The curse of the Manchac Swamp (Louisiana)

A terrible and mystical place, which many try to avoid – Manchac swamps, located in Louisiana, USA. Singing of birds is rarely heard here. In this area it is impossible to move without a boat. Once it was beautiful and less damp, but after it was cursed, terrible things began to happen there.

The Legend of the Voodoo Priestess Who Haunts a Louisiana Swamp

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One of the legends says that in 1915 on the territory of the above-mentioned marshes burned a minister of the cult “voodoo”. She possessed a huge magical power, because of what she was afraid and frankly hated. Despite the fact that she was not guilty before the local residents, she was decided to be executed as a witch. During the execution, the Voodoo minister cursed all the people present and the terrain, after which the marshes were called “the haunt of ghosts.”

The Legend of the Voodoo Priestess Who Haunts a Louisiana Swamp

After the above execution, what happened in 1915, the marshes were repeatedly tried to drain, to make the life of local peasants more comfortable. The entrepreneurs who did this did not work. The curse of the Voodoo minister showed itself almost immediately: a couple of months after the execution, a hurricane wind hit the local settlement, which demolished almost all the houses and destroyed a huge number of people.

The Legend of the Voodoo

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The most interesting is that the corpses of local residents who died in 1915, to this day continue to emerge from the swamp. For some reason, they are avoided by local predatory animals. By the way, the swamps are teeming with alligators, which do not differ in their choice of food. The bodies sometimes float to the surface, after which they are in this position for a while, and they sink back, and they are replaced by new ones. Some believe that this way the executed witch tries to remind himself. Modern residents of the state of Louisiana claim that periodically near the marshes people disappear. Ghosts come home instead of them.

Marshac swamps are shrouded in secrets. They try to avoid them and do not advise them to go to the ufologists and tourists. According to legends, there live far not only ghosts. Sometimes from the swampy terrain there are bigfoots and even werewolves.

Despite the danger of the Louisiana marshes, night excursions are organized there. Fans of extreme can swim on a boat in the marshes at night with the light of lanterns. Strangely enough, many agree.

Manchac reports howling wolves at night

Local people say that from time to time an animal emerges from the marshes, reminiscent of a huge dog or wolf. At night, it is allegedly chosen to hunt for human lives. People rarely kill this creature, but pets constantly. The next morning, farmers are found in the pens of dead cows and poultry. All the corpses are tormented, as if after the paws and fangs of a huge predator.

Manchac reports howling wolves at night

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Some farmers managed to photograph the monster. Unfortunately, because of poor illumination, the photographs turned out to be substandard and indistinct. On some of them you can see the silhouette of a huge animal, which someone compares with a wolf, and others – with a leopard.

It should be noted in advance that wolves in the territory of Louisiana are not found. Despite this, at night there can often be heard a wolf howling, and so distinct that it is simply impossible to mix it with a dog. Old-timers say that it’s howling “rogary” – werewolves in the local language. According to the descriptions, they have a human powerful body and an animal head of a wolf or a dog. The theologians say that the “swear” is hunted by Catholics, who did not hold fast. To become a “ruffer” yourself, it is enough not to observe fasting for seven years, and it is also necessary that the werewolf bites the “wishing” one.

On the swamps of Manchac lives “bigfoot”

At least, according to researchers of paranormal phenomena – ufologists, which swamps attract their mystery and mysticism. They come to Louisiana in crowds. Sometimes researchers actually manage to stumble upon something paranormal, but often they leave with “empty hands”.

On the swamps of Manchac lives "bigfoot"

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According to ufologists, Manchac swamps are an ideal place for “bigfoot” – huge humanoid monkeys. Local people say that they have repeatedly seen these creatures. They allegedly move on two limbs, like humans, but they can run on four if they pursue prey. Standard growth “Bigfoot” varies from 1.8 to 3 meters. These monsters are covered with brown or black hair, have large eyes and long front legs.

It is believed that the Bigfoots are omnivorous. They can eat both carrion and freshly caught prey In addition, they do not refuse fruits and berries, like vegetables, nuts. This food affects the smell of “bigfoot”. Eyewitnesses often mention that being with them for a long time is impossible because of a stench that resembles a mixture of cadaveric odor with the smell of rot.

The first humanoid monkey was noticed by air traffic controller Harlan Ford. One day he went to the Honeymoon, surrounded by Manchac swamps, to hunt with his friend Billy for ducks. It happened in 1963. On the way, friends stumbled upon an abandoned settlement. Curiosity won out common sense, after which the men decided to inspect the ruins in detail. Suddenly in the bushes they noticed a huge hairy creature resembling a monkey standing on four limbs. Harlan was frightened and screamed, frightening the Bigfoot, after which he straightened himself and, already on two limbs, disappeared into the thickets. Returning from the hunt, Harlan told him about what he had seen, but no one believed him. Gradually the story was forgotten.

Ten years later all the same comrades decided to again visit the sinister places to hunt. In the thickets they noticed a wild boar, which, as it turned out, was already dead. Approaching him, his friends noticed that his throat was ripped out. What local animal could do this, they did not know. The next find shocked the hunters even more: after passing no more than a mile, they noticed another carcass with a torn pharynx, and quite fresh. Near the carcass was a huge number of tracks that hunters seemed unfamiliar. They looked remotely bearish, but were more oblong, which made them look like human traces of a bare foot.

After the incident described above, the friends returned more than once to the swamps in the hope of catching an unknown predator, but they could not do it. The rest of his life Harlan dedicated to the search for “Bigfoot”. He found a lot of tracks, a couple of times saw the creature from a close distance, but could not get into it, shooting from a gun loaded with a tranquilizer cartridge. Despite all his efforts, Manchac did not succeed in solving the mysteries of the marshes.

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