What foods not to eat on an empty stomach

What foods not to eat on an empty stomachYogurt.
What is its meaning? Using it contained beneficial bacteria to help digestion. But if all these needed was a little thing get in your system before eating, they will absorb aggressive gastric juice and is not any good. That is, yogurt fasting is not that bad — he’s just useless. It must have after a meal.

When caffeine gets into the lining of his stomach, he begins to tease her. In response, it produces gastric juice, and if it does not energize the other food, he gets angry, behaves aggressively and starts to corrode the mucosa. In addition, caffeine is annoying and gallbladder. That reduces, ejects a portion of bile, which is needed in order to help the food digest. If she has nothing to digest, it begins sad to wander through the body. Disappoint those who consider coffee to soften the milk. The fact that the binders that are in coffee and tea bind to proteins in milk and form a nearly insoluble compounds, which are deposited stones in the kidneys.

And all products like sweets or sweet fruit type banana. The sugar is instantly absorbed by the body and irritate the pancreas. In response, she begins to produce insulin. The blood sugar level instantly drops, because of what we experience apathy and fatigue, instead be cheerful and full of energy.

What foods not to eat on an empty stomachThey have a lot of acid, which enthusiastically jumped on the gastric mucosa, slowly eroding it. If you have no stomach problems, you are experiencing heartburn after eating just sour, then our advice can be neglected. But if you have gastritis with high acidity of the stomach, ulcer and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract, from the citrus and fresh juices are better to refrain.

Our ancestors said: “Pear body poison in the morning and in the evening rose”. The fact that the pears a lot of roughage, which injure the delicate mucous membranes of the digestive system. Especially dangerous pear with a very dense texture: in these fibers especially a lot.

It is full of indigestible fibers, which slow the motility of the stomach and intestines the case when they say that “stomach is.” Especially many of these fibers in strongly astringent persimmon.

He, as well as all sorts of different pungent spices, operates on the principle of caffeine, irritating mucous membranes and gall bladder.

Cold drinks.
They constrict the vessels of the stomach. Because of this, the problem starts with the circulation of this organ and the whole process of digestion is broken. So drink any cold impossible on an empty stomach, nor immediately after a meal is better after a couple of hours.

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