How To Overcome Fear And Anxiety

How To Overcome Fear And AnxietyThe fear arises where we cannot accept the reality of such, as it is, where there is a difference between the interceptive and the objective. In this case, our fear speaks to us so that we have a false card of reality.

Reality, purely outside the limits of our cards, objectively survived as a threat or danger. In this case, in a healthy fear of evaluating the safety of an adequate situation: in our life there is something that we do not expect (not our card), but it is not. In such a situation, fear is necessary for us to survive.

In the event of an unhealthy fear of danger and the danger is exceeded. One of the ways to protect against the danger of an unhealthy condition is to control it.

For example, in relation to a person, the person is in danger and is in danger of being left when it is not possible for the partner to go away and be advised to do so.

Is there one thing in common? No, no one else has died one by one. Ho, a human person will be able to survive this situation as his own little death: such a situation would have knocked out the ground so that it would have ruined life. He could not have endorsed such reality, he did not consider that it was possible in his reality. In order to ensure it, he begins to control his partner.

But this task is inextricable, because we don’t have the pleasure to rule other people and life in general. Life is possible for us. An attempt to mine over it is predetermined. This does not mean that in my life I have to completely refuse to control. Healthy control is necessary for us. But I must always verify that everything can happen, and I am not at all above it.

Also, we can not control the emergence of our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings come to us ourselves, we can only take them. Further, we can work with them, but at the same time, the moment of understanding is not subject to control. Yes, of course, on the basis of previous experience, we can assume how we will behave in one or another situation.

But we can also be deceived in our expectations. And so that our expectations can be repaired or can not be repaired, it will result in anxiety and fear in our life.

And then, in order to rid ourselves of these frustrations, we are trying to control ourselves.

But do the right thing. It is necessary to refuse from control, as It can only be alarmed. The most effective way is to let it be something like that. It is thought to be able to do so, to allow yourself to do so — to say to yourself: “Let it be like that”. No more resistance, no attempt to control, run away.

And then, having convinced myself that I was afraid that I didn’t destroy me, I should have forgotten that I’m kept, what is the backbone? If I find the copy and I will allow to be reality, then the fear will be lost.

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