Natural Ways to Improve Your Memory

Natural Ways to Improve Your MemoryA large amount of information leads to memory impairment and a decrease in intelligence. How to improve brain function without drugs?

How to help the brain reboot? How to quickly get involved in a full-fledged work, when necessary, and rest so that it is beneficial? To learn how to competently interact with the brain, learn ten effective ways.

Perhaps something is not suitable for a lifestyle, but it is not necessary to use all the recommendations. Find the opportunity to master at least half.

Many have heard about how beneficial afternoon nap. There really is a deep meaning to this. A short daytime sleep during work is a great opportunity to reboot a bit, restore physical strength, and cheer yourself up.

Many may be outraged and think that they simply do not have 1-2 hours of time in the afternoon to sleep, but in fact, so much is not necessary. Just 10-20 minutes of sleep after lunch is enough to be filled with new strength and energy.

If you allocate time for an afternoon nap at about the same time, then soon it will become a habit, you will learn to fall asleep very quickly. You will wake up first by timer, after 15 or 20 minutes. But this will also soon become a habit for the body.

The brain will learn to quickly go to sleep, recharge and restore full activity in just 20 minutes. Such a short reboot will only benefit the whole body.

Creative activity
Of course, when a person has a huge amount of affairs and everyday troubles, then there is simply no time to think about creativity and find time for it.

But, you want to change everything and again feel the taste for life? Then make it a rule to engage in creativity that will appeal to you, shortly before bedtime.

Any creative activity allows a person to relax, get away from daytime worries and switch to rest.

Do not know how to draw, but want? Color the paintings by numbers. Drawing has been proven to improve brain function. Or lay out pictures with diamond mosaics. Talents are not needed here, but the process and the result are fun.

Proper multitasking
On the one hand, multitasking seems to be an excellent solution to many problems. For example, when a woman is preparing dinner, she can simultaneously tell her son how to solve a difficult task. But, this does not always bring positive results.

So in the case of combining the preparation of dinner and helping the student with the lessons, it may happen that my mother absent-mindedly starts to do two things at once. The dish will turn out under-salted, and the student will not really receive the proper attention and will not understand the lesson.

It is important to understand that multitasking is not always good. It’s better to create to-do lists and complete each of them separately in a convenient sequence. So you will notice that you could do much more during the day, and most importantly better.

And when, then, is it worth resorting to combining several cases at once? For example, when there is a monotonous “tedious” job, for example, cleaning or ironing. It’s time to brighten up your own joyless listening to your favorite music or audiobook.

Active life
For a good and healthy work, the brain, like the entire human body, needs activity. Running, swimming in the pool, walking, cycling, playing badminton, ice skating – all this is extremely important.

Such physical activity improves brain activity, makes it possible to switch from heavy mental activity and serves as an elixir after a hard day. Even during the working day, allow yourself to take short breaks, go outside, breathe fresh air, squat, look at the sky. And after work, take time at least for a regular walk.

Pick up a pen and notebook
Of course, modern gadgets greatly facilitate human life. But, do not bring everything to the point of absurdity and forget how to correctly spell the words of the native language. As numerous studies by scientists show, a person should write something by hand more often, this improves the brain and encourages him to work effectively.

You can keep a diary and describe the events of the day, write letters to yourself or memoirs, rewrite verses or recipes. Soon you will notice that the handwriting has changed for the better, and memory has become less common.

Think about nutrition
No wonder there is a saying that a person is what he eats. Food affects not only appearance, but also brain activity. Think about whether your diet has enough foods rich in healthy nutrients, as well as vitamins of different groups.

In this article, we have already touched on the topic of nutrition and healthy foods for memory. Remember that the brain needs fats. The best friends of the brain are fish oil and lecithin. Vegetable oils are useful, especially linseed and olive.

Foreign language and word games
One of the great ways to recharge your brain is to learn a foreign language. Working with an unfamiliar language, the brain has to open all its hidden resources. You can noticeably improve brain function, even if you just learn individual words.

To do this, you do not need to go to expensive courses, because now you can easily turn to resources with free materials for learning languages. You can take a free trial lesson to evaluate your abilities and interest. Go ahead, boldly study and learn something new for yourself!

Any games with words help not only to develop brain activity, but also improve the mood of the whole family. What kind of games are these? For example, those whose rules suggest inventing new words from existing letters or from one large complex word.

Finding apps with games for your phone is easy. They are free and available for all smartphones. There are also paper options. Such verbal amusements help a person to increase brain function at times.

Meditation and optimistic attitude
At this point, do not snort and neglect. After all, correctly done meditation allows a person to relieve tension, improve the state of mind and body. Study practices, get to know the research on the topic and you will surely find a lot of unique information for yourself that will teach you how to relax.

Any positive thinking allows the human brain to work efficiently. Any optimistic attitude makes it easy to come up with new ideas, discoveries and opportunities. Optimists are always easier to improve and move on.

Probably some of the tips will seem familiar already, but it’s worth considering how much of this list you put into your daily life? It may be worthwhile to establish new good habits that will make you feel confident, rested, and happy.

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