10 Ways To Feel Energized When You Wake Up

10 Ways To Feel Energized When You Wake UpWe have prepared 10 ways to help brighten up an early climb and maintain a light mood throughout the day. You will not feel overwhelmed, and you will only get up with pleasure.

It turns out that sleep depends not only on the quality of the mattress and the sounds outside the window, but also on food, communication with friends and the amount of oxygen in the room.

To get up early, you need to go to bed early! Obvious advice? Still the most important.

A person needs 7-9 hours of full-fledged sleep: during this time, the brain “clears” itself, the internal organs are restored – hence the vigor.

Give your body a chance to relax, and then demand a slight lift and energy from it throughout the day.

Eat 3-4 hours before bedtime
When there is a lot of heavy food in the stomach, it is difficult for the body to relax and tune in to sleep – it is busy digesting favorite fried potatoes with a sauce and half a chocolate with nuts. When a person finally falls asleep, the food stays in the stomach and “waits” for the awakening. This is associated with bad breath and heaviness in the stomach after lifting.

Limit food intake before bedtime. If you are very hungry, give preference to apples, lettuce or cabbage.

Do not drink coffee in the evening
Caffeine makes the heart work harder. And the effect is the opposite of calm, which is necessary for sound sleep.

Minimum displays
An hour before bedtime, stop watching TV, append a report or flipping a tape on Instagram. Deadlines, exams, someone’s vacation at the sea and a cute dog is important, but it will interfere with sleep.

Better read a book, look out the window, play with a cat or spend time with your loved one. And more joy, and sleep stronger!

Pleasant thoughts before bedtime
As soon as they got into bed, you do not need to remember how the stranger shouted after the offensive word, the scales showed +4 pounds, and the boss was unhappy with your project …

There is a theory that with what thoughts and mood a person falls asleep and wakes up. Think about the compliment that you heard, about buying a new skirt, about a delicious dinner, about talking with friends.

Plan your business for the morning
It is not necessary to conquer the world. Enough delicious breakfast, jogging or water treatments. Morning is the best time to meditate, be alone with yourself, plan a day. Before going to bed, imagine what you will do after waking up.

If there is no goal, the desire to soak in the bed increases, and the force of the bed increases.

Nice melody
The sound of an alarm clock with a crowing or a siren is, of course, effective, but unpleasant. Pick up the melody “softer” – let the volume increase gradually, there will be no bass and sharp guitar solos in the song. Leave rock and metal for a BBQ party!

But after waking up, put the composition on the tape recorder more energetic and louder – you yourself will not notice how you want to dance to the beat when you are drying your hair or making breakfast.

In summer, when the sun rises early in the morning, immediately after the rise, open curtains or blinds! In the winter – turn on the light. This will help the eyes adapt, and the brain to begin the synthesis of waking hormones.

Warm up in bed
No need to jump out of bed as soon as you open your eyes. But the question arises: how not to fall asleep in this soft kingdom of Morpheus? To avoid this, do a mini-warm-up right in the bed. Soft kneading of the joints, eye gymnastics … The body will begin to revive!

Warm bathrobe
On autumn and winter days it is especially cold to get out of a heated bed and a warm, cozy blanket. For maximum comfort from the temperature drop, prepare in advance warm comfortable clothes that you can “dive in” immediately after waking up.

Terry robe, knitted socks or fluffy slippers – and cool you are not afraid!

Glass of water
As soon as you wake up, drink a glass of warm water. You can add a tablespoon of lemon juice. It triggers the body, gives a signal to the gastrointestinal tract that it’s time to work, and helps maintain water balance. Much healthier than coffee on an empty stomach!

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