8 Beauty Body Myths You Need To Stop Believing

8 Beauty Body Myths You Need To Stop BelievingDid not have time to lose weight by the summer? Or maybe this is not necessary?

We break myths about beauty and tell how artificial standards have taught us to hate ourselves.

Cellulite is only overweight

Indeed, cellulite may appear from low physical activity and malnutrition, which often entails overweight.

But this is just one of dozens of reasons that lead to cellulite. It can also be hormonal disorders, poor circulation of blood, and finally, heredity, which does not depend on weight at all.

If cellulite does not depend on us, why should it be ashamed? It’s as natural as stretch marks or freckles.

Fat on the stomach is unhealthy

Have you ever seen a model on a magazine cover with a belly roll? And we did not see it. The standards of beauty try to prove to us that fat on the stomach is unnatural.

In fact, for a woman there is nothing more natural, because in this fat contains a female hormone estrogen, responsible for fertility, beauty, youth, that is femininity as such.

Complete relief from the abdomen (if it is natural in your body structure) can lead to a problem with menstruation and hormonal failure.

Complete people are lazy

There is an opinion that if you just give some time to the gym and diet, then the figure will be perfect. For those who are not ideal, it’s just too lazy to give it time.

In fact, for the figure to fit into the standards of beauty, everyone needs to devote a very different time to it, besides, the human resource is not infinite. If in the priority other tasks: children, work, study, and after them the necessary resource for training does not remain – it is unlikely to be called laziness.

Fitness model is an example of a healthy body

Many subscribe to fitness models to always have examples of imitation before them. This is not always good, because each body is unique and comparing itself to others, we lose the opportunity to rejoice in small own victories, which in turn leads to frustrations.

In addition, many girls in the photos have a lack of subcutaneous fat, which is not healthy and can cause a number of diseases, which we certainly will not read in their instargrams.

Everyone can lose weight, need the power of will

The power of will is a fictitious phenomenon that gives motivation to do what we do not want to do. If we force ourselves to do something for some time, the body finally rebounds, and this leads to overeating and weight gain.

That’s why diets do not really help. Restrictions will lead to excesses.

Models have an ideal body

In the quest for the bodies of girls from the covers, we forget that even the most highly paid top model is a non-ideal body. Therefore they are processed in Photoshop and other programs. In addition, the model standard is the percentage of fat below the norm.

Obesity is the cause of death

Interestingly, survival rates for diabetes, hepatitis and a number of other serious illnesses are higher in people with the second and third types of obesity than with normal weight and weight below normal. This phenomenon is also called the “fat paradox”.

At the same time, anorexia is a mental illness with the highest mortality rate. He also dies more people than directly from obesity.

Non-compliance with standards is a disadvantage

Many magazines often write: “Wear some kind of clothes to hide the flaws of the figure,” calling the disadvantages of everything that differs from the model standards. In fact, the body can not be a disadvantage. It’s your only and beloved, the best and not bad at all just because it does not look like a body with a cover of the magazine.

So bravely wear any swimsuit and do not hesitate to take pictures!

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