Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work

Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While You're At WorkThe opportunity to constantly be close to your dog is not at all. Torn things, complaints from neighbors, damaged furniture are only a small part of the problems that a working owner can face. In this article, we will tell you what to do so that your pet does not miss alone and behaves well.

1. Proper training
So that the pet does not bark in your absence and does not destroy the apartment, it is necessary to start raising it from an early age. Complete the general training course with your puppy. Keep learning new commands yourself. With a smart dog it will be easier to negotiate in the future.

2. Do not allow the puppy to manipulate you!
If you succumb to the ringing barking and give your dog what he wants, he will do it again and again. Weaning the animal will be difficult. Be persistent.

3. Toys. A lot of toys!
If your four-legged friend from boredom tears furniture and chews on shoes, distract him with special toys. Puppies and small breeds can stay and wait for your return to the arena with your favorite toys.

Do not buy toys – tweeters, they can annoy neighbors more than endless barking.

Puppies can be put special mirrors, they are very carried away and develop kids.

4. Long morning walks
Many dog ​​owners believe that in the morning it’s enough to take out a pet for 5 minutes to cope with it. But if the dog destroys the apartment while you are at work, you need to increase the amount of physical activity in the morning. The walk must be active and long. With such an energetic dog you need to walk from 30 minutes in the morning and from 30 minutes in the evening. Then the pet gets tired and will be calmer.

5. Learn to leave correctly.
Try to leave and return unnoticed. Long goodbyes will make your dog bored, whine and bark loudly. The hardest thing to come back and keep calm. Do not rush to hug right from the door. Change clothes, do the necessary things, only then call the animal to play.

6. Do not punish the pet.
Dogs always behave like children. Your job as an adult is to raise a child. But do not do it immediately, as soon as you return to the apartment. Such behavior may develop negative associations associated with your return home. It is important to remember that the animal will not understand the meaning of the punishment, if it is in time much later than its trick. Therefore, if we have already missed time, then it is pointless to punish the dog.

How to deal with puddles?
It is normal that your puppy leaves puddles when left alone at home. At the age of six months, most dogs can already tolerate before walking. But while your puppy is still small, you need to teach him to go to the toilet in certain places.

The easiest way is to buy a playpen and cover it with disposable diapers. If you do not have the opportunity to buy such a playpen, then diapers will have to cover the floor in all rooms to which the pet has access.

Praise the puppy every time he meets a need in a prepared place. Gradually reduce the number of diapers on the floor. In due course in each room should remain one.

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