Life Lessons You Can Learn From Children

Life Lessons You Can Learn From Children

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Children always say what they think, they sincerely show their emotions, do not hide them. When they are happy – they laugh when they are hurt – they cry. We always understand their reactions. But can you say the same about yourself and others?

Children constantly move and do something: from the moment they get up and until they go to bed. They run, jump and find themselves all new occupations. They do not sit in a chair, when you can sit on the floor, do not go if you can run. Take an example from children – move more, be more energetic.

Children eat as much as they want. Children do not care how much food remains in the dish, if they are already full, in contrast to adults. Therefore, they do not overeat, unless, of course, adults force them. Adults should also develop the habit of listening to the sensations in the body and stopping in time.

Children take their body. Children love to run naked, not embarrassed by their body and their nakedness, they are natural, like nature itself. Most adults are unhappy with their bodies and constantly criticize it. Start loving your body.

Children do not care what to play with – an expensive computer, a ball or, for example, with flowers or a kitten. They are all interested, they are full of happiness and optimism. Adults also prefer expensive toys and rarely enjoy simple things.

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Children can bend and buckle, whatever. Becoming adults, we lose flexibility, because almost do not do stretching exercises. Try to do exercises in the morning, do yoga or, perform simple stretching exercises. This will help you stay healthy.

Children do not get hung up. Children easily get frustrated because of a trifle, but they do not have a bad mood for long, and as if nothing had happened, they live and play further. Adults also keep offense and spite for years. We should learn from the child to let go of these conditions.

Children can relax. Children can fall asleep right at the table while eating or taking off their shoes after a walk. They know exactly when they run out of strength and that they need to rest to gain new strength. And adults have lost this opportunity to notice fatigue and do not know how to stop and rebuild in time.

Every day for children is a new day. They notice such trifles, which adults never pay attention to. If we look at the world through the eyes of a child, the lost freshness of the perception of the world with all its colors and absurdity will return to us. And this is the quality of a creative person.

Remember in yourself a happy child!

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