How to spot if you’re suffering from mental health issues

How to spot if you’re suffering from mental health issuesPicture Credit: pixundfertig

Recent studies show that extravagant character traits are often a sign of a mental disorder. This was repeatedly written by psychologists Arthur Freeman and Aaron T. Beck.

Here are some features of the character being discussed.

It turns out that proctasticization can lead to chronic depression. It must be understood that the state of rebellion is normal when you are too young. However, with age you should not irritate the usual things that do everything.

The signs that procrastination acquires unhealthy features can be attributed to:

  • slow pace of work and constantly poor results;
  • critique of people who are richer or more beautiful than you;
  • insult to those who advise you how to do something better in life;
  • irritation from ordinary affairs (dishwashing, cleaning, and so on).

Negligence (when it is too much in the life of one person) can be a sign of antisocial personality disorder. Besides the negligence and desire to do nothing, this disease is accompanied by such signs:

  • frequent dismissal from work “to nowhere”;
  • desire to live for someone else’s account;
  • a lie without reason.

Try to be good for everyone, and be afraid to refuse, or to enter into a dispute even if the opponent is not right. Such traits of character can be a sign of a dependent personality disorder. This is a very dangerous condition, since a person can not make a decision without the approval of others. And the consequences of this are obvious.

The signs of a dependent personality disorder can also be attributed to:

  • the inability to be alone;
  • willingness to do whatever it takes to enjoy it;
  • agree with everyone even if these are not all right.

No, striving for the ideal is fine. But it is very important not to bend the stick. Signs that perfectionism can lead to obsessive-compulsive personality disorder:

  • fear of being mistaken;
  • doing all work for others (because they will not be able to make it perfect);
  • refusal to throw out old things (they will definitely still be needed!);


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Of course, experiencing different emotions is normal. However, if a person is unnecessarily emotional and the banal situation causes a real storm in him, it is an excuse to think.

Often, this very excessive emotionality is a sign of hysteria. And emotions are an attempt to attract attention. In addition to emotionality, signs of hysteria are:

  • constant desire to change activity;
  • the impossibility of staying in place;
  • constant search for endorsement by other people.

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