10 Food Rules You Should Follow

10 Food Rules You Should Follow Healthy food is usually associated with boiled chicken fillet and steamed vegetables. But this is a myth! You can eat varied, delicious and at the same time – absolutely correct.

You do not need to give up your favorite products and even allow yourself to have delicious food. The main thing is not to forget about the sense of the measure and the balance of nutrients. A balanced diet will help not only gradually get rid of excess weight, but also feel better.

Use only natural products

Semi-finished products with a lot of preservatives, dyes, and taste enhancers do not fit into a healthy diet. After all, such food slows the metabolism and prevents the withdrawal of toxins. And this means that baked domestic meat is tens times more useful than buying sausage or sausage.

Use less refined foods

The purified products are devoid of such an important component as fiber, which is necessary for the functioning of the digestive organs, the feeding of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria that inhabit the intestinal walls. That is, instead of white bread – choose whole grain, instead of white rice – brown. Ordinary refined sugar can be replaced with honey.

Eat more protein

Firstly, protein foods give a long sense of satiety. Second, it is rich in essential amino acids. These products include various types of meat, rabbit, quail, fish and seafood, cod, perch, shrimp, squids, sea scallops, etc.

Eat fruits and vegetables daily

Try to eat at least 300 grams of fresh vegetables every day and 300 grams of fresh fruit. With these products you get soluble and insoluble fiber and necessary vitamins. The easiest way to take an apple or a pear is cut into pieces at work.

Eat fruits and vegetables daily

Use vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are the best source of essential fatty acids. For example, always keep linen, sesame and olive oil in the kitchen.

Follow the mode

Too rare foods are as harmful as regular snacks. Try to make 3-4 meals a day, since the interval of more than 5 hours slows down the metabolism and adjusts the body to a low-cost energy. The consequence is the accumulation of fat deposits.

Limit fast carbohydrates

Sugar from sweets and bakery products is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and instantly raises glucose levels. Following this, it should be equally rapid decrease, and you again feel a sense of hunger. In addition, such sharp fluctuations in sugar negatively affect the work of the body.

Reduce the amount of salt

The usual kitchen salt is better to replace on the sea salt. In the kitchen salt only two trace elements – sodium and chlorine, while in sea salt they are up to 90. And of course, you need to try to gradually reduce salt intake. You do not need to give up completely. However, excess salt causes fluid retention in the body, leading to edema and increased pressure.

Drink water

Drinking at least 1.5-2 liters of water daily. Remember that coffee and juices do not substitute for water.

Cook the food right

Minimal heat treatment – the key to maintaining a coherent product structure. For example, cereals or pasta can be cooked in just a few minutes. For meat and fish products, the most suitable ways are cooking, steaming, baking in the oven. But from frying it is necessary to refuse at all.

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