Detox Diet for Weight Management and Toxin Elimination

Detox Diet for Weight Management And Toxin EliminationDetox diet is a diet that cleanses the body of toxins, dirt, and toxins. Harmful food, alcohol are excluded, the body is cleaned and its recovery occurs.

Detox-diet is a cleansing of the body from harmful slags, ballast substances and toxins. Today, this is a very trendy trend, which is preached even by many stars of show business.

In addition to proper nutrition, the detox diet also includes rejuvenating and restorative procedures. At the same time, you will at the same time produce prophylaxis for diseases of the stomach and intestines, and also lose those extra pounds.

Detox Diet for Cleansing: Basic Rules

Before you go to a detox diet, you need to prepare your body for it in advance. And for this you need to exclude from the home diet fried, salted, floury, fatty, give up coffee, alcohol, milk. A day or two before the start of the detox diet provides for a transition to products of plant origin and fish. In the mornings on a hungry stomach drink a glass of water with a spoonful of fiber.
At the heart of the detox diet is a balanced diet containing all the necessary substances and vitamins; it is based on foods high in fiber, on cereals, vegetables and greens. The best products for the time of a diet are:

  • seasonal berries and fruits, citrus fruits;
  • leafy vegetables, cabbage, carrots, beets;
  • lean fish, soy products, natural yogurt;
  • brown rice, buckwheat, oat flakes (cooking time – at least 20 minutes), barley;
  • flaxseed oil and sunflower seeds.

Be sure to exclude salt from the diet. Use food at regular intervals (3 hours) in small portions. For the best effect of the diet, you can apply rejuvenating SPA procedures.

To achieve the achieved result was fixed for a longer period, it is necessary to switch smoothly from a diet to normal nutrition and further adhere to a healthy lifestyle. And then your body will get a good “inoculation” from gastrointestinal diseases, digestive problems, improve your appearance, as well as a general physiological condition.

Detox diet: contraindications

With all the advantages of a detox diet is not without flaws. This, first of all, low energy value of nutrition, so do not use this diet for more than 10 days. Detox-diets are contraindicated in people with low blood sugar, heart and GI, chronic liver and kidney diseases. In addition, the detox diet should be taken more seriously by those who suffer from food allergies, since the detox diet is based on a large number of fruits and vegetables, many of which are allergens.

Detox diet: an example of a menu

  • breakfast: porridge on water or muesli without sugar with soy milk, lettuce or a handful of strawberries, green tea without sugar;
  • snack: smoothies or green apple;
  • lunch: soup or salad of Chinese cabbage with cucumbers, a slice of whole grain bread (or boiled rice) and a slice of lean fish;
  • dinner: salad or boiled vegetables, tofu and a slice of whole grain bread.

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