8 Worst Health Problems Common With Computer Use

8 Worst Health Problems Common With Computer Use

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1. Eye and eye strain

Influence of the PC on vision is one of the most serious problems of human health in our time. In recent years, on the streets, children can often be found wearing spectacles. But it was a rarity a decade ago. Eyes negatively perceive even a small vibration of the image or text, the screen flicker. Constant overload on the muscles of the eyes can lead to loss of visual acuity, regular dryness, increased eye hemorrhage. A consequence of this may also be headache and fatigue. Therefore, it is extremely important when buying a PC to choose the right monitor, and then correctly put it on a computer desk. The text affects the eyes, the choice of the color background, the layout of windows and other factors. To reduce eye fatigue, it is necessary to constantly take breaks in work, as well as special exercises for the eyes.

Eye and eye strain

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2. Muscular spasms

The constant sitting position of computer scientists seriously affects the spine, leading to tension in the muscles of the head and neck. Curvature of the spine and osteochondrosis – a very common phenomenon among people whose work is connected with the computer. Bony changes in the spine can lead to irritation of the nervous structures and reflex spasm of the muscles. Reduce the load on the spine can properly selected computer furniture.

3. Arm fatigue and overload of the joints of the hands

Monotonous work with a computer keyboard leads to overload of joints on the hands, there is a slight tingling, numb pads of fingers. Especially seriously, the hand that works with the mouse is negatively affected. With a tense and prolonged work of the user with a computer mouse in the wrist often there is pain, there is a so-called “tunnel syndrome”. It is a sign of the onset of diseases of the ligamentous and articular apparatus of the hand, which can subsequently be chronic. Try to take breaks in work, you can even change the hand that controls the mouse, and you also need to do exercises for the hands.

4. Fatigues

Long-term exposure to noise can badly affect the mental health of a person who constantly spends time on computer equipment. The increased noise level can arise as a result of the operation of printers and coolers (a special cooling fan that enters the computer device).

5. Allergies and intestinal infections from dust and dirt

A lot of dirt and dust accumulates around the PC and it itself, and sometimes it is very difficult to remove them. Dirt and a variety of microbes, fungi and bacteria are dangerous to your health! And dust is a favorite habitat for dust mites. All of the above can provoke a variety of diseases. For example, allergies, skin infections, intestinal diseases. One should not be lazy to constantly clean the keyboard and computer space. It is advisable not to jam food while working on the laptop. And at the end of work on the computer, be sure to wash your hands.

6. Neuropsychiatric load

Permanent work at the computer can cause increased fatigue, headaches, sleep disorder, irritability. Internet addiction only contributes to all these diseases. The avid Internet lovers do not notice how the dawn is already starting outside the window, and they still did not go to bed. Sleep disturbance leads to a whole bouquet of diseases. For men’s health, this kind of work is extremely negative.

7. PC gaming

One of the most terrible diseases of avid computer scientists is gambling. Some computer game lovers just stop living in the real world, completely immersed in virtual reality. In addition to all the above physical ailments, they are also threatened with a mental disorder. The gamblers stop paying attention to their loved ones, sitting at the computer all night long.

8. Stress from loss of important information

Stress from loss of important information

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Not every user constantly creates backup copies with their information. And virus programs do not sleep, and hard drives even reliable manufacturers, it happens, break. And no one is immune (even a very experienced programmer) from accidentally pressing the wrong button. As a result, there can be such a strong stress that can bring to an infarction.

9. Hemorrhoids

Constant sedentary work leads to such an unpleasant disease as hemorrhoids. It is necessary so to organize your stay at the computer in order not to stay in the static position for so long, otherwise the blood will stagnate in the pelvic organs.

Diseases among avid computer scientists are different, but for the prevention of any of them you need to make regular breaks in work (or game), and also limit the time spent for the PC.

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