Factors that Influence Muscle Growth

Factors that Influence Muscle Growth

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Many of those who decided to build up bulk muscles, are interested in how to do it at home. Home workouts differ little from training in the gym: most of the strength exercises for the hall can be performed at home, if you have a standard set of weights. Training must be supplemented with proper nutrition. One does not work without the other: diet and exercise are the main components of training progress.

What influences muscle growth

To achieve significant muscle growth, you will have to use a whole range of measures, namely:

If there is no possibility to visit the gym, you will have to equip a space for fitness at home. Muscle growth is provided by force loads, that is, exercises with weights. So, for home training you need dumbbells, weights and a bar. Part of the strength exercises is performed on the bar and bars. In them, the weight of one’s own body serves as a burden, and in the later stages of the training process additional weights are also used: weighted belts, waistcoats, backpacks.

What kind of nutrition helps to build muscle

Strength training is not the only way to increase muscle mass. In bodybuilding, much depends on nutrition. In the period of the set of muscles, it must be caloric and balanced. If the body will not receive enough calories or lack protein, vitamins and healthy fats, regular strength training will be of little use.

The main components of the diet of a bodybuilder:


Carbohydrates should account for 50-65% of the total number of calories. In the period of intense strength training the body needs energy, carbohydrates are its main source. Get them better from vegetables and cereals. They are saturated with complex carbohydrates, which are digested slowly and do not cause a sharp increase in blood sugar levels. Simple carbohydrates – they are many in flour products and sweets – are absorbed quickly, sharply raising the level of glucose in the blood. To reduce it, the body is forced to process excess glucose into fat. In the period of massaging, the content of fast carbohydrates in the diet should be limited so as not to gain too much fat mass instead of muscle mass.



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The building material for muscle fibers is amino acids. Their body receives from protein foods: cottage cheese, meat, fish, eggs. In the period of muscle building, the proportion of proteins in the diet should be 30-35%.


Too reduce the intake of fat is not recommended. Among other things, they are necessary for the body to maintain hormonal balance. Fats are involved in the synthesis of steroid hormones, including those that have an anabolic effect – stimulate the formation of muscle tissue. At the stage of gaining muscle mass, the share of fats should account for 10-15% of the total caloric content of the diet. Approximately 65% ​​of the total amount of consumed fats should be vegetable fats.

It should also take care that the body does not lack vitamins and minerals. With a shortage of these valuable nutrients in the diet, disruptions in metabolism occur, and the growth of muscle tissue slows down.

Muscle building: dietary rules

For men and women, the same principle applies: the amount of calories entering the body should exceed the amount of calories consumed. Only then will the muscle mass grow. To begin with, the calorie intake should be increased by 10-20%. If this is not enough, you need to increase the calorie content of the diet by 25-30% or even more. It is necessary to constantly monitor the level of fat in the body. If it reaches 15-20%, weight gain should be suspended and temporarily switched to a diet. Reducing the fat level to 10%, you can start mass recruitment again.

In a portion of food taken before training, there should be many slow carbohydrates, so that the body receives a charge of energy. You can eat a portion of oatmeal, buckwheat or rice. Protein can be obtained by eating beef, chicken, cottage cheese, fish, eggs. Do not forget about sports supplements. To eat it is necessary fractional: 6 meals a day.

Exercises for muscle growth

Exercises for muscle growth

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Having dealt with what kind of food should be in the athlete in the period of muscle growth, you need to say a few words about physical exertion. The program for building muscle at home should consist of the following exercises: push-ups, pull-ups, leg lifts on the bar, weights in the slope, deadlift, bench press, squats with dumbbells or barbells.

You need to train for weight gain 3 times a week. One lesson should last no more than an hour. It is not recommended to conduct training daily: breaks between strength training should last no less than 48 hours.

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