How To Take Care Of Long-Haired Cats

How To Take Care Of Long-Haired CatsA cat with long hair pleases the eye of anyone who looks at it. But if you decide to have a long-haired cat, then it is important to understand that you will have to look after her, and every day. And still it is necessary daily to remove wool from furniture and carpets. So if you have a handy washing robot cleaner, then it will not stand idle. True, such breeds have quite strong differences from each other: some fur is rare and hard, almost never tangles, while others have a luxurious, pleasant to the touch, but easily tangled fur. In such cats, hairballs are formed almost everywhere, with the exception of the crown, front paws, back and tail. Therefore, a mandatory element of care for a representative of a long-haired breed – daily combing, to which the cat must be taught from a very early age.

Have you ever watched shaved cats? Not very beautiful and even a pitiful sight. But if you let everything go by itself, the animal itself will not cope with its own fur and haircut will become a necessary measure, without which it is unlikely to be dispensed with. So even at the stage of acquiring a charming fluffy kitten, it is advisable to get acquainted with the methods of combing longhair cats. There are secrets here. For example, for combing the face is very convenient to use a soft toothbrush, which is very effective in action and will not frighten the animal. In the pet store you can buy a special brush for combing long-haired cats, but it is convenient to handle more extensive areas: the abdomen, lower part of the neck, sides and hind legs.

If your pet’s fur is too thick, you will have to cut off his groin area every month. Maybe it will not be your favorite pastime, but the constant getting out of the dried pieces of excrement from this zone is an even more unattractive procedure. Using a pair of scissors around the delicate area, proceed carefully, guiding the sharp edges of the instrument away from the cat’s flesh. But if regular combing and accompanying procedures do not inspire you, it is better to just enjoy visual contact with other fluffy cats and do not try to get a representative of the same breed for yourself!

What to do if hairballs still appear? There is only one way out – to cut the mats. Take scissors or a sharp knife. Well, if you have a good knife sharpener, because removing a wool with a sharp blade is not enough, you can hurt the animal. Having grabbed a tangled clump at the base, cut off the hair directly above the fingers. This technique will allow you to safely remove felted wool without damaging the animal’s skin. The second way is as follows. Insert one of the blades of the scissors under the staple bar, pointing the sharp side out. Then carefully move up. Repeating the action several times, you can divide the tangled area into separate strands, after which they can be combed.

Without neglecting the constant care and carefully inspecting the fur of your furry friend every day, you will help him cope with his rich fur, while you yourself will have the most pleasant opportunity to gently stroke your cat’s neat, soft and fluffy fur coat every evening while experiencing true pleasure.

Picture Credit: cocoparisienne

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