Pros and Cons of Keeping a Pet

Pros and Cons of Keeping a Pet

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Almost in any family, a child sooner or later will ask parents to get a pet. Let’s discuss the possible options, pluses and minuses of finding pets in the family.

Friends of the person

From history we know that man from time immemorial tamed a number of animals for their own needs. Over time, the way in society has changed, and the craving for the presence of a living pet has not died out. At present, domestic animals bear, for the most part, exclusively aesthetic qualities, rather than economic ones. The majority of the population in our country has moved from villages to cities, where the housing issue does not allow to acquire large pets.

Fortunately, a variety of breeds of pets allows you to choose small enough and compact pets. The most common are dogs and cats, and people also buy poultry (canaries, parrots), fish, hamsters, etc. Children love to play with pets, walk around and take care of them. For someone, breeding rare breeds of domestic animals turns from a hobby into a business.

“Pros” of having a pet

What can I say in support of the desire to acquire a pet? Of course, this is a new life experience for the whole family. The pet will brighten up leisure and will be an undoubted adornment of your house. It is necessary to take care of a pet, which, undoubtedly, develops in man a sense of responsibility and love for our pets. Some families do not represent their life without a pet, they consider him a full member of his family and a loyal friend.

Dogs, for example, faithfully serve their masters, play with children. Having a dog in the house will give confidence and strengthen the sense of security in the house. When a dog appears in the house, outdoor walks become an integral daily ritual, which helps to strengthen your health, especially in the case of a low-activity lifestyle.

Cats are not such loyal friends as dogs, however, their presence in the house always creates coziness. A cat, like none of the pets, relieves stress, and the child will always be interested in playing with it.

For those who love music, a canary bird can approach. Keep the birds at home is not much effort, you need a cage in which the birds will stay. They will always delight you with sweet singing, and if you acquire a parrot, you can teach him a few words.

Even as pets it is recommended to start fish. An aquarium is needed for these purposes. You should install the aquarium on a stable surface to avoid accidents, because the children are very curious and show a keen interest in the colorful fish that live in the aquarium.

Proper care

Proper care

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Regardless of the animal you choose, remember that any of them require special care. It is necessary to explain and teach the child how to deal with the pet. Pets should be promptly fed, cleaned up, such measures can contribute to the development in the child of accuracy and punctuality. A sense of responsibility and custody of the beloved animal develops.

Possible difficulties from the stay of the animal in the house

In addition to positive qualities, it should be mentioned and some of the dangers associated with keeping animals at home. Let’s start, perhaps, with allergic reactions. At present, the prevalence of allergic reactions is quite high and is especially dangerous among children. Wool of domestic animals, especially cats, can serve as an allergen, provoking the development of allergic reactions. In case of detection of allergy symptoms associated with the presence of a pet, the pet should be discarded and handed to reliable hands.

Wool of domestic animals

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Before you get a pet, you need to clearly determine who will be responsible for him, who will feed him, walk, clean up after him. Children often ask to buy a dog or a cat, without giving an account of the fact that they will have to take care of them. It must be understood that a domestic pet requires both time and effort, and attention. Only when your child is able to treat him with full seriousness, you can acquire a dog or other pet.

There are times when domestic dogs attack their owners or other people. A pet is not only an ornament and a toy, this animal and behavioral instincts have not been canceled. When choosing a domestic dog, take time to study the breeds of dogs, you should not choose fighting or hunting breeds, if you do not plan to use them for their intended purpose. Special attention should be paid to dog training. Also, estimate the area of ​​your apartment, whether there is a place for a new pet and whether it will not interfere with you in everyday affairs. Look, where you will walk with him, whether there are parks or squares nearby.

It is very important to choose a healthy pet. Pets in some cases can be carriers of some infections. Do not buy a pet “from the hands” and from untested vendors, for this purpose it is better to use licensed pet stores. Veterinary control is very important in the life of your pet.

Recently, it has become fashionable to use exotic species of animals as pets, such as snakes, spiders, some kinds of rodents. Maybe in the world there are countries and traditions where these species of animals are domestic. In the conditions of our country, such curiosities can be threatened, both by infectious alertness and the consequences of keeping such rare species. Choose time-tested pets that are adapted to your region of residence, this will prevent unwanted consequences for you and your children.

And if you still insistently decided to get a pet, then take your decision with full seriousness. Read well in advance with relevant literature on a particular animal, the conditions of its contents, nutrition and life in general.

Source information: Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Care Center blog

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