How To Lose Weight In Your Arms

How To Lose Weight In Your ArmsImmediately say that: your arms are perfect as they are.

But if you have doubts when you choose jackets with defined sleeves or poses for photos, we know that you care. And this is a few suggestions on how to lose wight in your arms which matters to many women, whose genetics disposed to store fat in the arms. Thank the ancestors!

Moreover, this problem women face much more often than men, because women’s genes dictate their body to store fat on the thighs, buttocks and arms.

But all is not lost. If you don’t mind schudnut in arms, to begin to find out about these facts.

Do not focus only on this area

Sorry, we can’t lose weight in one selected area is then ruled by genetics. It decides where to hold reserves of adipose tissue (and where will take them away if necessary – that may not coincide with your wishes). So, if you want to lose weight together, to lose weight have everywhere.

You need interval training at least 3 times a week

Interval training – a series of quick intense exercise with a short breaks, well suited for fat burning. And burning occurs not only during the workout, but in the next 24 hours, thanks to the routine at full power metabolism.

Moreover, such training needs to involve all muscle groups to burn maximum amount of calories. Squats, push-UPS, exercises on several muscle groups simultaneously – your key to success. Such training every other day (three times per week) will support optimal progress.

Choose a weight that you can lift no more than 8-15 times

Women often fear the heavy dumbbells and barbells, believing that such training will make them bodybuilders. But it is not: in the female body enough testosterone to transform her figure in a masculine. Lifting weights, you burn more calories and accelerate your metabolism, which will prevent the accumulation of fat in the future.

What weight is right for you? One that you can lift no more than 8-15 times in one setting. If you do 15 repetitions of exercises with the weight – it is for you too small.

Reduce your daily calories by 100-200

One of the most effective ways to “wave bye” fat on the armss is to reduce at least a little calorie intake: at least 100-200 a day. First you need to calculate how much you usually eat calories, for example, using the application, for 3-5 days. Determine from your norm, try to reduce that number to 100-200 caloire a day. This slight reduction will not cause hunger, but in the long term will bring excellent results.

Eat 25-35 grams of protein with each meal

Consumption of sufficient amounts of proteins allows preserve muscle mass, magnifies the feeling of satiety and speed up the thermogenesis (in which the body burns fat stores to maintain body temperature), but to lose body fat. But for one meal our body is able to assimilate the use of muscles not more than 25-35 g of protein, the rest is stored as fat.

Do triangle pushups

Although you can’t choose where your body will burn fat, you can dictate to him where to build muscle. Doing the exercise on the arm muscles, especially triceps, you will make your arms more toned. The best in this exercise the American Council on physical culture called exactly triangular pushups and Mahi arms ago.

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