What is Next for US-Cuba Relations After Fidel Castro Dies

The Western Hemisphere revolutionary leader Fidel Castro dies Friday at the age of 90. This opens the possibility of more changes to the Cuba which recently started to improve their relations with US.

However the Castro’s passing comes at the time of changes in White House with Donald Trump who might undo Obama’s efforts to bring Cuba and US together.

In an October interview with a local CBS station in Miami, Trump criticized the Obama administration’s effort to normalize relations with Cuba as a “very weak agreement,” though he said some sort of a deal is “fine.”

Trump also told CBS4 interviewer Jim Defede that he would do “whatever you have to do to get a strong agreement,” even if that meant breaking off the recently-resumed diplomatic relations.

At a rally in Miami earlier in September, Trump had also blasted the Cuba policy changes, an apparent shift from past statements in which he supported the reopening of diplomatic relations after more than 50 years.
Image credit: Ratatosk (Wikipedia)

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