What is Chiropractic?

What is ChiropracticThe oldest method of treating various diseases of the musculoskeletal system is chiropractic. Magic movements of the hands of a specialist help to adjust the work of the spine, muscles, joints and internal organs. What is the healing power of chiropractic? How painful is this treatment?

The technique is based on persuading the emergence of diseases due to a violation of the correct location of bones, which disrupts the work of the nervous system.

Professionals-chiropractors are sure: the body is capable of self-healing under the influence of energy passing through the body. Condense, coaxiality, and non-centrality of the musculo-vertebral branches block the passage of nerve impulses to the corresponding recovery centers.

However, doctors consider this method of treatment to be tough and painful. Correction of problem vertebrae and joints is performed without anesthesia and anesthesia.

The Hiro system was invented by the American healer David Palmer. The American was the first to detect the ability of vertebral therapy while performing the technique of restoring the spinal vertebrae. Thus, the patient managed to successfully get rid of cardiac pathologies, deafness, vision problems.
Specialists-chiropractors work not only on the spine, but also on the spinous processes.


  • pain in the waist and cervical region, disc displacement, sprain;
  • complaints of frequent migraines, dizziness;
  • sciatica (inflammation of the sciatic nerve);
  • sports injuries, respiratory diseases (pleurisy, bronchitis, asthma);
  • allergic reactions, digestive disorders (indigestion, colitis and constipation);
  • otitis, hypertension, impotence, dysmenorrhea, scoliosis, arthritis.

Also, the hi-tech allows you to cope with:

  • kidney failure, pyelonephritis, difficulty urinating, urinary incontinence;
  • prostatitis, bending of the uterus, menstrual failure, polycystosis;
  • inguinal hernia, cellulitis;
  • seborrhea, acne;
  • osteochondrosis, consequences of accidents and operations.


  • oncology, thrombosis, hemorrhage, bleeding;
  • tuberculosis, intoxication, convulsions, epilepsy;
  • open or recent wounds, necrotic skin changes;
  • mental insanity.


First, the chiropractor conducts a survey on complaints, examines the vertebrae, assesses posture, studies the patient’s medical history.

Sometimes the patient is asked to lean forward, backward, to the side, raise arms or legs, hold his breath, often breathe. Such exercises help to check the functionality of the nervous system. Often an X-ray examination is required.

On the basis of the results obtained, a treatment and health course is selected, and the requirements for adjusting nutrition and lifestyle are announced.
Techniques for conducting

Healers-chiropractors are considered to be experts in alternative medicine. Depending on the chosen treatment option, the healer performs finger pressure, strokes, massage, and other touches at designated points and places.

The client can occupy a semi-sitting, sitting, reclining, reclining, vertical position.

Types of chiropractic:

1. Visceral – work with internal organs, ensure normal innervation and blood supply, in particular, removal of stagnant stools and mechanical jaundice, setting up the outflow of bile.

2. Structural – correction of displaced elements, elimination of deformation (compression), release of soft tissues from pressure, for example, improving mobility, preventing symptoms of hypoxia.

3. Diagnostic – helps to establish the diagnosis and to find out the cause of the ailment.

4. Therapeutic – eradicates the symptoms of the disease.


If the hiro specialist is not qualified enough, you can get:

  • serious fractures;
  • damage to nerves and blood vessels;
  • paralysis.

Helpful advice

Carefully approach the choice of a chiropractor who will treat you. False chiropractors are not uncommon. Therefore, before visiting it is desirable to study the reviews of patients who have been treated with such a healer.

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