6 Natural Home Remedies That May Replace Prescription Drugs

We all get sick sometimes, but why should we stuff ourselves with chemistry? There are absolutely natural analogues, which will only benefit our health.

It’s time to go through the first-aid kit and throw out of it most of the useless drugs. Nature herself took care that we could be cured.

Garlic from pain

Garlic is a strong natural analgesic. Excellent cope with headache, dental and menstrual pain.

Natural Home Remedies That May Replace Prescription Drugs

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Eat a clove of garlic and the result will not keep you waiting. With pain in the stomach, this remedy is not recommended.

Chamomile for sleeping

Many of us, unfortunately, are familiar with exhausting insomnia. To overcome it, you often have to resort to medical methods – sleeping pills. And then experience the next day’s lethargy.

But there is a much better way. This is a decoction of chamomile: drink it 20 minutes before bedtime and fall asleep without any outside help.

Chocolate from depression

Of course, it is better to deal with complicated cases of depression with specialists. But a mild melancholy is perfectly treated with black chocolate.

Chocolate from depression

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Proved: it promotes the production of serotonin and endorphin. Hormones, which are responsible for the joy and cheerfulness.

Grapes from edema

With worsening kidney work, or hormonal changes, we are faced with such an unpleasant phenomenon as swelling. There are special drugs that remove excess fluid from the body.

Or you can just eat a handful of dark grapes. Thanks to lysine and arginine, it has a similar effect.

Celery from infections

Celery from infections

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Celery replaces light antibiotics and is suitable for colds or seasonal diseases. In addition, it increases immunity, being an excellent prevention of colds in the future.

Brussels sprouts for liver cleansing

Brussels sprouts

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This product helps the main filter of the organism to purify itself and regenerate, which is especially important after the holidays, or illnesses.

In addition, Brussels sprouts protect the kidneys from the formation of stones.

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