Dangerous Foods: The Unexpected Poison Lurking Inside Apricots

Dangerous Foods: The Unexpected Poison Lurking Inside ApricotsSunny apricots love everything – nutritionists and doctors! After all, they collected incredible benefits for the body. Due to the high content of potassium, apricots support the work of the heart system, protecting it against diseases, strengthening vessels. And phosphorus and magnesium activate brain processes, improve memory. In addition, apricots are good for vision. To make your child less likely to go to ophthalmologists, it is enough for him to eat 3-4 fruits per day.

By the way, regular consumption of apricot is a reliable prevention of the development of cancer problems. But with all the rich set of useful qualities, you need to know about the dangers that lurk in these fruits.

The wrong choice of apricots reduces the benefit at times. Yes, buying fruits with thin skin, dryish inside, you will not get the vitamin charge you dreamed of. Because the fruits were picked, most likely, green, and they ripened on the road. In order for apricot to benefit the body, it is better to choose large, not overripe, fruits with juicy pulp.

Apricots can not eat diabetics because of the high sugar content and glucose.

This fruit can cause aggravation in those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, nutritionists advise to eat only ripe and large apricots (they are sweeter) and several fruits a day.

Diarrhea can also be provoked by apricot, if after eating fruit, and then drink water. So try not to drink at least half an hour.

The development of putrefactive processes is also possible after eating apricots for food. Therefore, it is better not to eat apricots immediately after the main meal. It is advisable to eat an hour after eating.

When bradycardia, doctors generally recommend not using apricots in any form.

If you are “sitting” on a diet, it is better to eat less apricots. A large number of consumption of these fruits in food can cause obesity.

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