Setting Up an Aquatic Turtle Tank

Setting Up an Aquatic Turtle TankFor the maintenance of the house most suitable eared turtle. But in order for a pet to live comfortably and well, he needs to provide conditions as close as possible to natural ones. What is the best way to equip a turtle aquarium?

Choice and arrangement of an aquarium

The turtle tank should be spacious enough, considering that the turtle is growing. It can be made of sheets of natural or organic glass. It is also worth remembering that the water in it will have to be changed very often, so you should immediately think about how to do it – using hoses or equipping the bottom with a shut-off valve.

Aquariumterrarium should be divided into two zones: water and land. The ternspur turtle in nature does not stay under water all the time – from time to time it climbs onto dry land. To do this, across the narrow part of the aquarium you need to glue to the side walls or install a horizontal sheet of glass on fixed supports. Its width should be from 1/4 to 1/3 the length of the aquarium.

Next, fix the inclined glass plate, on which the animal can get out of the water onto land. It is important to consider that the surface of this plate must be rough, because otherwise the turtle will slide down it back into the water. It is also desirable to make the surface of the recreation area rough. The easiest way to achieve this is if you rub them with coarse sandpaper before installing the plates in the aquarium.

It is important to try to correctly determine the overall height of the terrarium and its land part. It should rise slightly above the surface of the water so that the turtle can dry off. But at the same time, the depth should be sufficient for the tortoise to swim and dive freely. Again, it is worth remembering that the animal will grow quite quickly and therefore over the land part there must be a high enough side so that the tortoise does not accidentally roll over it.

Where to place the aquarium?

It is recommended to install a terrarium aquarium in the sunniest place in the apartment. With a lack of sunlight (in winter or during prolonged inclement weather), you will often have to irradiate the tortoise with an ultraviolet lamp.


It is important that there are algae in the aquarium where the tortoise lives. You can plant special water plants. So the terrarium will be much more beautiful, and the tortoise after a while will start to eat them.

Picture Credit: Manuelmanteiga

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