Effective Ways To Boost Your Metabolism And Stop Packing On The Pounds

Effective Ways To Boost Your Metabolism And Stop Packing On The PoundsThe metabolism process is quite specific and it is individual for each person. It should be noted that the metabolic rate may have an effect on body weight, but it does not cause excess weight in any way – it is influenced by improper human habits, food and drinks consumed, as well as lack of exercise. How to speed up your metabolism?

Drink plenty of water daily

Interestingly, the embryo is one month old, 97% water. In the newborn, this number is 75-80%. In older people, this number is reduced to 57%. And its amount in the body of an adult person is 65% of the total body mass. Accordingly, knowing this fact, it is not difficult to calculate how much water is actually contained in our body. As we see, the younger and more active a person is, the more fluid it contains. Thanks to such data, scientists have concluded that using the drinking regime can not only improve their health, but also significantly speed up their metabolism.

Only in the morning on an empty stomach should you drink a glass of moderately warm water. The rest of the water must be drunk in small sips. It should always be remembered that water plays an important role in human mechanics – the body is not able to function normally without a sufficient amount of it.

Do not skip breakfast

The most important meal is breakfast. It must be taken within 45 minutes after waking up. It is breakfast that speeds up the metabolism in the human body, so it must be balanced and nutritious.

Do not ignore carbohydrates

The balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates – this is the guarantee of human health, its successful weight loss and acceleration of metabolism, which does not allow in the future to regain lost pounds.

Of course, not all carbohydrates are useful for the human body, but complex carbohydrates (cereals, unpolished rice, durum wheat pasta) and simple carbohydrates in the form of fruits and dried fruits are simply necessary for a person. Moreover, they should be 50% of the total diet.

Eat protein

Of course, proteins, as a building material, are also necessary in the human diet. It is digested in the body much slower than other products, which also speeds up the metabolic processes. When protein is burned, the body has to expend much more energy.

Build muscle

It has long been known that the metabolic rate in people who have a sufficiently high muscle mass, much more than people who are not engaged in any physical activity. Interestingly, at rest, with each kilogram of muscles, up to 13 calories are burned per day. In comparison, each kilogram of fat burns only 5 calories per day. Classes in the hall contribute to a significant acceleration of metabolism in the body.

Go to bed on time

Timely bedtime and its duration are the key to a successful acceleration of metabolism. It is proved that when there is not enough sleep in the body, the amount of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for the feeling of satiety, decreases, and the hormone ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone, increases. As a result, a person who has not slept will constantly feel hungry throughout the next day, and even eating enough food will not have a feeling of fullness.

Adhering to such simple rules, you can always boast of your accelerated metabolism and slim figure.

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