5 Ways to Stop Skipping Your Workouts

5 Ways to Stop Skipping Your WorkoutsImagine now the early morning. It was decided to do a jog every morning. The alarm clock is ringing, but you just move the time forward half an hour, telling yourself that you will definitely start tomorrow. Is this familiar to you?

Or, at the end of the working day, after an intense meeting and a conversation with the boss, you decide that today you need to rest and recover morally, and go to the gym without fail tomorrow.

Regretting yourself, you can easily come up with thousands of excuses and excuses not to go to the gym. We will tell you several ways to find the strength to overcome yourself.

Set more specific and believable goals, the achievement of which will not take you a whole year.

If you decide that you need to lose weight by next summer, or just start running every morning, then most likely the result will not be achieved.

Such a non-specific and remote goal setting works very poorly.

Decide for yourself that you will run every morning for, for example, one week. Only seven days, what nonsense. Everyone can easily overcome themselves if such a small amount is required of him.

At the end of the week, you will notice that getting up in the morning is not as difficult as it was at the beginning, and achieving your goal brought you satisfaction. Now you can set yourself a goal for the next week. Each time increasing the time to the final mark, you yourself will not notice how morning jogs have become part of your usual schedule.

Argue with your spouse or a loved one, give publicity to your decision to play sports.

Exactly. Make a bet with someone close to you that you will go to workouts for three months, at least three times a week. You can argue about anything, but it’s best that this is not just an “interest”. The subject of the dispute should be something meaningful that will spur you to victory in a bet. For example, the loser will cook breakfast for a month. Of course, it is very important that your loved one support you in your endeavors, because when you fulfill the conditions and win, you will receive two prizes at once – stop skipping workouts and will bask in bed while your husband is preparing breakfast.

If you have no one to argue with or you cannot agree on a win, then just tell the maximum number of people that you have decided to go to workouts. Tell about it on your pages in the social. networks and start doing weekly progress reports. Share photos of your changes, share your successes and positive emotions.

Find like-minded people.

Ask your friends and acquaintances if there are any people willing to go to workouts together? You can ask your colleagues at work or connect your other half. In addition to being more fun together, you will have a responsibility to another person. Now, when deciding to skip a class today, you will have to think about your partner: is your reason to be out of weight to upset your loved one’s plans.

If there were no like-minded friends among your friends, look for some sports community – now there are quite a lot of them in large cities, and if not, try to organize your own. When you join a team, you will want to go to the gym not only for the sake of sports, but also to communicate with new people who share your interests.

Watch your progress.

Uncontrolled sports, as a rule, do not bring pleasure, and the desire to go to the gym disappears very quickly.

Keep a training log and schedule yourself control points. Control over what you are doing in the gym today, and planning the next lesson stimulates the conscientious attitude to training. When there is already a plan for the next workout on paper or in a smartphone application, the likelihood that you will miss it is much less. Try various fitness apps to find the one you’ll be comfortable with.

Participate in competitions.

If there is such an opportunity, be sure to take part in amateur competitions.

It is not necessary to take the first places in order to motivate yourself to work harder. Participation in itself will already be an excellent incentive to continue training and improve yourself. Perhaps you will discover that this sport is exactly what you have long wanted to do and will be able to reach a professional level.

If there is no opportunity to take part in competitions in person, then go to any start as a spectator or a fan. The atmosphere of the sports festival and the competitive spirit will do their work, and you will recharge your batteries for further training.

Try to start tomorrow and do not delay the first workout on Monday.

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