Sports Therapy: Tips to Improve Your Vision

Tips to Improve Your VisionScientists have shown that motor activity is very useful for maintaining vision. If earlier people with visual impairment were strongly advised to avoid sports and limit themselves to exercise therapy, myopia / hyperopia and sports were incompatible, now moderate exercise is recommended as an effective means to prevent the progression of the disease.

As the results of the studies have shown, sufficient and regular physical activity contributes to an increase in the working capacity of all organs and systems of the body, including the ciliary eye muscle responsible for accommodation mechanisms, as well as strengthening the vessels of the eyes.

With the restriction of physical activity in near-sighted people, blood supply to various organs, including the eye, worsens, and the ability to accommodate is deteriorating. In this case, as the researchers note, not all physical exercises will be useful to people with myopia. The most useful are cyclic exercises of medium intensity (running, swimming), at which the heart rate remains at the level of 100-140 beats per minute. Causing blood flow to the eyes, these exercises improve the functioning of the ciliary muscle of the eye and normalize the circulation of the intraocular fluid.

Cyclic exercises of high intensity, as well as acrobatics, jumps, exercises on gymnastic projectiles, causing an increase in heart rate of up to 180 beats per minute, lead to a significant long-lasting ischemia of the eyes, so they are contraindicated in short-sighted people.

People with a weak degree of myopia or hypermetropia are useful in sports games, during which there is a constant switch of vision alternately to a close and distant distance. Such sports as volleyball, basketball or table tennis favorably affect the accommodative ability of the eyes and train the eye muscles, prevent the progression of pathological changes in the organ of vision.

Patients with an average degree of myopia or hyperopia should limit the intensity of physical activity, as well as physical activities such as jumping (length, height, tower, etc.). Their physical education should be supplemented with special exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the eye, gymnastics for the eyes, and physiotherapy exercises.

With a high degree of myopia, complications and changes in the fundus, a significant limitation of the types of physical activity is shown. Myopia and sports are not compatible in cases of sports disciplines such as boxing and wrestling, jumping, tennis and football, skiing, weightlifting, cycling or horse riding. Useful dosage cyclic exercises under the supervision of a doctor (running, swimming, walking, shooting, rowing, fencing) will be useful.

The best sports for sight, according to scientists – swimming, tennis, badminton, which train the muscles of the eyes and the collar zone, improve the blood circulation of the organ of vision. But this effect is manifested only if you play or swim for at least half an hour. Useful walks are useful when people with interest view the neighborhood and objects in the distance. So the eyes train. A therapeutic massage of the neck is also useful.

Those who have poor eyesight, it is necessary to strictly observe contraindications to sports. Exercises can have a beneficial effect on the eyes, but can also lead to poor eyesight. Everything depends on the degree of myopia, especially complicated. Absolutely contraindicated sports associated with great physical stress, a sharp movement of the body and the possibility of its shaking. If you are experiencing eye problems, but doing sports, it will be useful to pay attention to some of the data given in the table after the article. Contraindications are not a sentence for those who want to play sports, but listen to them is worth it.

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