Living With the Pessimist in Your Life

Living With the Pessimist in Your LifeDespite all the filthiness and hopelessness of the pessimistic view of the world, it is among the pessimists that there is the greatest concentration of intellectuals, intellectuals, intelligent people, excellent interlocutors, outstanding personalities who have much to learn from. Among pessimists, often there are lucky businessmen, talented analysts, highly skilled workers of the intellectual sphere. The existential view of the world has generated its literary and philosophical currents, and therefore, rightfully occupies an important place among the dominant worldviews of our time. Pessimists always have something to respect. They are thorough, pedantic, reliable. Pessimists rarely make mistakes in forgetfulness, and have a very sober view of the world. But all this concerns the professional sphere. In a personal life, where rationality is far from being the most important place, it is not easy for pessimists to find a common language. You can learn a few simple tricks that will allow you to build powerful protection from a pessimist, simplify his life and at the same time become a little happier.

Male pessimist: how to live and not grieve

  • Humor is a powerful remedy for depressions, neuroses, existential moods and pessimism. If you can laugh at your problem, then you have already half decided it. Therefore joke, fool around, and the grim type that lives with you, will necessarily catch your wits and little by little will begin to treat many situations easier. Of course, joking should be neat. After all, even our jokes our pessimist can take a little painful. The main thing is to convey to your friend that excessive seriousness is also contented with ridiculous.
  •  It’s clear, if you just do that joke, the pessimist can decide that you do not take him seriously and, moreover, scoff at him. There can not be a serious conflict. Therefore, when you understand that a snowball begins to increase in size, it is sometimes better to sit tight in a cave and wait until it spontaneously swells under the influence of various external factors. Sometimes the attacks of pessimism in your loved one is better to wait. Pessimists appreciate safety, logic and calculation above all, a sober and very healthy view of the world will never let them slide into depression. Mechanisms of self-regulation will sooner or later return them to the bright side of strength. If you use the zodiac terminology, pessimists are like ideal “scales”: how all pros and cons should be weighed, find a solution and calm down. And you at this time can do their own business without interfering in the weighing process and not aggravating the error in the measurements.
  • Do not let us plunge you into an abyss of pessimism. Pessimists, as a rule, are people with a stable type of activity of the nervous system, phlegmatic. If you are characterized by outbursts of anger, imbalance, sudden mood changes, you are a choleric person or a melancholic, you need to build a certain wall around yourself to neutralize external negative influences. Where the pessimist uses reason, you react emotionally. You do not like his concept of life, so you know how to stay away and remain yourself. By the way, for this quality pessimists appreciate their loved ones. After all, it speaks of your permanence, and therefore of your predictability. For a pessimist, what is safe, and what is predictable is good.
  • If you want to live with a man-pessimist in peace and harmony, learn some tricks. If you know your precious bore well, then for sure you can guess approximately which situations will cause in it another stream of dissatisfaction. Manage it. Do not pour oil into the fire, distract him to other tasks, if he fell into a stupor. Always leave for him different ways of solving problems, among which he can choose the most convenient and understandable for himself. Your determination, consistency in behavior and confidence in your rightness will help him and find the ground under his feet in difficult situations. Maintain it and direct it to straight and open roads. He must know: there is always a choice!
  • Extract the maximum benefit from the fact that next to you such a person. It is really very good and reliable for life. He does not give in to feelings and fleeting passions, he rarely has “eyes on his forehead” from unexpected discoveries. If you managed to win such a person, you are really lucky. Your life will be clear and orderly.
  • You can not be afraid of excesses. For many of us, the cause of disappointment in life is not the place put on rose-colored glasses and the belief in fairy tales that has been planted in us since childhood (especially for girls). Therefore, the presence of a number of men with adults realistic views – this is a guarantee that at a difficult moment a strong hand will grab you and shake it up properly, so that you come to your senses and get wiser.

Of course, for someone it all means a boring, measured life. If your life determines the craving for adventurism, you probably should not associate your life with a prudent pessimist. There may be misunderstanding and rejection of the type “did not meet the characters”, especially in youth. But, on the other hand, opposites attract. You will be able to bring into his life bright colors and a little extravagance, and he will closely monitor that you do not get into any unpleasant story. The main thing is, at the very beginning of the relationship, to determine the limits of your madness and the extent to which it is ready to close their eyes to them. Do not be shy about talking about it all with a pessimist directly and frankly. If he is aware of what quirks you should expect, it will help him to properly structure the relationship in the most beneficial for both of you.

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