Panic Attacks: What They Are and How to Stop Them

Panic Attacks: What They Are and How to Stop ThemPanic attacks are an unpleasant psychosomatic state that affects every 7 inhabitants of the planet. Why do they occur, what are harmful and how to overcome them? We know!

In the furious rhythm of modern life, we are subject to stress and anxiety. They, with a lack of sleep and bad ecology, are the main factors that cause panic attacks.

What is a panic attack?

A panic attack is an unexpected, irrational state of intense fear that can not be reassured. It may seem that you are in the center of a terrible conspiracy, that your life is a real mistake, or even seem that you are dying.

Physiologically, a panic attack is characterized by rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness.

Why there is a panic attack

Fear that appears during a panic attack is irrational and is not its cause, but only a symptom. In fact, an attack can arise because of prolonged stress, lack of sleep, fear of parting with a loved one or loss of loved ones, loss of control over something and feelings of helplessness.

In addition, a panic attack is a true symptom of fear of open spaces and crowds, agoraphobia.

Where can a panic attack happen?

Panic attacks happen anywhere, but often these are places of increased stress: planes, bridges, tunnels, underground passages, unfamiliar cities, noisy meetings.

How to stop a panic attack

During a panic attack, the psyche pressure on the body and vice versa, because of such a vicious circle, it only intensifies. If, with an increasing panic, it is difficult to calm the brain, then to withdraw the body from this state is much easier and faster, and already it will give signals of calmness to the brain.

To do this, try to be in a quiet quiet place, lean against the wall and firmly stand on the ground. Hands clasp in the castle or embrace yourself.

Deep breathe: concentrate on the cycle of deep breaths and exhalations. Feel how your heart calms your heart.

Drink a glass of water in small sips.

Remember: panic attacks always end, and none of them in history has ended fatal.

How to prevent a panic attack

First, you need to sleep well, control the use of alcohol, eat healthy food and not be nervous. These rules are useful not only to prevent panic attacks, but also for life in general.

But the regular appearance of attacks may indicate prolonged stress or subconscious anxiety about anything. It’s better to go to an appointment with a therapist and solve the problem once and for all.

Is it possible to permanently get rid of panic attacks

Psychotherapy frees up 80% of patients from panic attacks forever. But even those who live with them, learn quickly and successfully block out panic attacks. In addition, you can treat them not as an enemy, but as a friend who signals that something goes wrong in life.

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