8 Proven and Effective Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

8 Proven and Effective Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

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Testosterone is a steroid hormone in men, produced by the testicles and adrenal glands. A small number of it is in women who produce ovaries. At any age, it is important for both men and women to monitor the normal level of testosterone in order to avoid health problems.

What is dangerous is the decrease in testosterone in men

From 25-30 years, the level of steroid hormone in men begins to decline and the risk increases:

  • heart diseases;
  • obesity and reduction of muscle mass;
  • diabetes;
  • violations of sexual function;
  • reduce physical activity;
  • premature death.

What is dangerous is the decrease in testosterone in women

The decrease in testosterone levels in women occurs after 20 years and is fraught with:

  • obesity – due to a violation of the balance between this hormone and estrogen;
  • slowing metabolism;
  • brittle bones;
  • changes in muscle tissue.

The lowered level of testosterone can be normalized in a natural way.

What is dangerous is the decrease in testosterone in women

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Exercises and weight

Physical exercise is the most effective way to raise testosterone levels and prevent diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle.

Important facts about the benefits of exercise:

  • in older people, as well as young people, occupations increase the level of androgen and increase life expectancy;
  • in obese men, weight is lost and testosterone secretion is increased more rapidly than only from dietary nutrition;
  • weight lifting and squats more effectively increase this hormone;
  • high-intensity interval training well increase testosterone;
  • Including the intake of additives of caffeine and creatine in the training complex can increase the production of testosterone.

Complete diet

Food affects the amount of testosterone. Constant malnutrition or overeating disrupt the level of the hormone. Food should have a balanced composition for:

  • proteins – their sufficient level helps to lose weight and maintains a healthy level of hormones. The association of proteins with testosterone is traced when the protein is correctly adjusted in diets aimed at normalizing the weight;
  • carbohydrates – to maintain testosterone levels during physical training;
  • fats – unsaturated and saturated natural fats are useful.

Products containing cholesterol, increase testosterone.

Minimizing stress and cortisol

Constant stress increases the production of the hormone cortisol. Its high level can quickly lower testosterone levels. These hormones are like a swing: when one rises, the other falls.

Stress and high levels of cortisol can increase food intake, which will lead to weight gain and obesity of internal organs. These changes can negatively affect the level of testosterone.

To normalize the hormonal background, you should avoid stress, adhere to a diet based on natural products, exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Sunbathing or vitamin D

Vitamin D works as a natural testosterone level enhancer.

Sunbathing or regular intake of 3000 IU vitamin D3 per day increases testosterone levels by 25%. This applies to the elderly: vitamin D and calcium also normalize testosterone, which reduces the death rate.

Vitamins and mineral supplements

Multivitamins help to strengthen health. For example, supplements of vitamin B and zinc increase the amount of sperm and increase the level of testosterone androgen.

Calm quality sleep

Calm quality sleep

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A good restful sleep is important for health.

The duration of sleep is individual for each person. If it is a day:

  • 5 hours – the testosterone level is reduced by 15%;
  • 4 hours – this level is reduced by another 15%.

Accordingly, the increase in testosterone occurs with an extension of the sleep time: at a rate of 15% per hour.

That is, 7-10 hours of night sleep allow the body to rest and maintain a healthy testosterone. The general state of health can depend on how much you go to bed.

Using Natural Amplifiers

Grass of Ashwagand:

  • when infertility – increases the level of the hormone by 17%, the number of spermatozoa by 167%;
  • in healthy men – raises testosterone by 15% and reduces the level of cortisol by about 25%.

Ginger extract has the same properties: it increases testosterone levels by 17% and increases the level of other key sex hormones in people with a deficiency of these hormones.

Healthy lifestyle

Keep testosterone levels under control will help:

  • healthy sexual life, which plays an important role in regulating the hormone;
  • exclusion or maximum limitation of contacts with estrogen-like chemicals found in some types of plastic;
  • limiting the use of sugar – causes a jump in insulin and leads to a decrease in the production of testosterone;
  • refusal from the use of drugs, excessive consumption of alcohol, which can lower the level of testosterone.

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